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Where random wins the day

by John on August 8th, 2014
  • I’ve never been a good one for “being at rest,” but lately, things have been a bit out of control. My muscles will scream in soreness from me pushing them during workouts — yet, if I have an hour to myself? I feel the need to run. Or ride my bike. Or something active. Normally, I’d say that’s great, but I fear that I’m wearing myself down – and that’s not a good feeling.
  • Fortunately/unfortunately, my garden is providing ways for me to fill any down time I might have. The number of tomatoes I have is truly staggering . . . for the foreseeable future, I believe I’ll be picking & washing tomatoes through the week and then making stuff with them on the weekends. This weekend? Salsa (because I have tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños) and tomato sauce.
  • The lawn & yard have always been a bit of a bane to me. This year, after years of “just working around the edges” of ground cover that the previous owner had placed, I went in and weeded areas of the landscape that have gone, essentially, untouched, for the past 13 years (because, if they’re not facing the house and/or facing the street, I haven’t cared). It was a lot of work, but I’m left thinking about what I want to do around my house:
    • We have one significant hill that has always caused me a difficulty in lawn mowing. I’m thinking about leveling out said hill (putting in landscaping timbers between each step) and, with each leveled-step, starting grape vines (on trellises that I’ll build myself).
    • A small portion of the yard fronts onto a pond — I’m tempted to build steps leading from the back yard to the pond and setting a pump to pump water from this pond to a water feature heading from to the topmost step back down to the pond. And, at the pond, putting in a fire pit along with a small, leveled patio . . . this might take me some time to do.
  • I love my kids like nothing else. Truly. But I’ve found myself, when I’m alone in the car, driving to the sound of silence because, well, my children are not silent.
  • I’m working my way through the Harry Potter audiobooks, once again, because they’re such a fun tale and Jim Dale is an amazing narrator. This has become a yearly tradition — we leave on vacation, I listen on the way down, get hooked, and work my way all of the way through.
  • On the topic of listening to things, though, we signed up for Amazon Prime when we ditched cable. At first, I’d say that it was mostly a bust — most of what we wanted to watch through Prime wasn’t free on Prime. And two-day-shipping, while nice, isn’t a necessity for most anything. However, the free selections of music on the Prime Music store are wonderful – especially for someone like me, who prefers listening to classical music while at work.
  • I’ve been obnoxiously watching my diet as of late — not only keeping my caloric intake in check, but actually ensuring that I’m getting types of foods that I want (always aiming for less than 30% carbs, at least 25% protein). This means that I’ve been avoiding the Chinese buffet. But I’m going there for lunch today . . . it’s going to be fun to let loose.
  • I’ve always though I’d be a “it’s just hair, it’ll grow back/grow out” parent. But, lately, my son has been asking me to cut his hair really, really short1. Part of me wants to give into this whim of his — give him a buzz cut (I won’t shave his head, like I have mine, just because I know the pain of a burnt scalp and I don’t trust a four-year-old to keep a hat on when it’s necessary), but I don’t know if he truly realizes:
    • just how slowly hair comes back
    • how much other people enjoy his curls

    . I haven’t cut it yet — we’ll see if the end of the summer leads to the same decision.

  • I’m getting really good at brushing little girl hair.
  • A local band has asked me to join up with them . . . it sounds like they’re good & everything, but the idea of spending less time at home just isn’t sitting well with me. I love playing, truly – but there are reasons I chose not to make my living as a musician . . . I’d fear taking on an additional band would push me one step closer to always looking for that next paying music gig.
  • I have two half-marathons and a full marathon over the next three months . . . despite the whole “not resting enough” item that I started with? I need to get myself running more (though, don’t worry, I’m working out aplenty).

  • 1 This started with a fight about combing his hair . . . he didn’t want to have his hair combed because “it hurt” when his hair was combed, but he agreed to let me trim his hair with hair clippers. I now, somewhat-regularly, set hair clippers to the height of a single curl & trim to that height.
  1. I love random things.

    Little man wanted his head buzzed and while I was against it at first, we finally went for it, and he loves it. It’s actually really cute and he has a decent-shaped head for it. He wants it shaved all the way down, too. Funny how kids are.

    HP is always the answer. I don’t think I could listen to them on audio books, but I do make it a point to read the series annually.

    Being at rest is hard for me, too. I just can’t sit and relax. Ever.

    • Another factor with the not letting the kid’s curls go the wayside is that my sister-in-law may kill me if I do it . . . CJ’s curls are pretty remarkable — after his first haircut, my sister-in-law may have spent the night crying.

  2. 1) Wearing your body down is never a good thing. Listen to it before you hurt yourself.
    2) I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I may have to reread Harry Potter. I did love that series.
    3) Amazon Prime music is AWESOME. Although I really don’t use it. Because I listen to Sirius online.
    4) I admire your attention to your diet and exercise. That is some damn good dedication. I have zero of that.
    5) Allie’s hair is really long. I have to cut it at some point. It would probably look cute in a bob. I can’t do it yet.
    6) Whoa. That’s a lot of races. You’ll do well, I have no doubt.

    • Honestly – I worry more about wearing my sanity down (whatever is left of it) than my body. My body is resilient.

      I LOVE audiobooks – I find that I barely have time to read-read, so these are the only way that I can fit “reading” into my schedule.

      If I didn’t have Amazon Prime, I’d sign up for Sirius online.

      Thank you. But methinks you have more than you give yourself credit for.

      I think I’m buzzing CJ’s hair tomorrow.

      I hope I do – I’m worried about the full marathon, I’ll admit it. Part of me really thinks that I have the ability to pull a half-marathon out of my ass when I need to.

  3. Random things are the best!

    I fought with myself over getting my 2 year old’s gorgeous curls cut. His hair was just getting out of control, so we took the leap. I’m glad and sad at the same time.

    • CJ’s four at this time . . . so he’s had several haircuts — the curls, I think, are permanent . . . it’s just a matter of how much we let them thrive.

  4. Okay I have to ask. What instrument do you play, and if you’re good enough to have people coming to you like that … is there a way to work it into your family’s schedule so you’re not detracting from your together time, but you’re still getting a musical and creative outlet?

    • I play a few instruments — bass (upright bass & bass guitar) and keyboards primarily. Right now, I play in a bass in a symphony orchestra (rehearsal are one night a week), keyboards in a classic rock band (rehearsal one night a week), organ for my church (Sunday mornings), and I play bass guitar for random community theatre musicals (every night for a week, a few times a year). So I have the creative outlets — but adding anything more is, really, taking away from family time.

  5. So many things I can relate to! My friend is growing tomatoes and has been giving them to me. I hadn’t thought to make salsa. Great idea! I didn’t know Amazon prime had music. Totally going to check that out. I just gave in and cut my son’s hair. I really fear doing this with my girls though bc their hair takes forever to grow back . My sons hair though seems to be on hyperdrive. Amazing job on the running!!!!

  6. I so love Amazon prime. I buy a lot of my books from Amazon.

    And I LOVE homemade salsa. I can’t grow stuff though. I kill stuff. On accident. It just happens.

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