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Feb 16 18

Where I admonish myself

by John

First, no #FridayReads today – I finished The Punch Escrow as I got home, yesterday, and I haven’t started a new book just yet. All said, I enjoyed the book – but don’t know if I’d recommend it. I knew it would be fluff, but as you continue through it, you have to turn off your brain, more and more, to the science – which, for science fiction, is difficult.

And now we move onto why I’m pissed with myself. Yesterday & today, the kids didn’t have school for parent/teacher conferences. This makes my morning schedule significantly easier – I don’t have to make lunches, I don’t have to ensure they’re dressed. But when my alarm went off, I heard rain outside – so I hit snooze. 9 minutes later, the rain had, apparently, stopped, so I got up to take the dogs on their morning walk.

The temperatures were relatively warm. The rain had (mostly) stopped. I had zero responsibility, other than getting myself ready for work, and an hour on my hands.

And I went back to bed.

Typically, I’m really good about sneaking in quick sets of strength training calisthenics between my morning tasks: once lunches are made but before the kids are dressed, once the kids are dressed and coffee is brewing, once the coffee is fully ready1. But I slept. Just when I think I’m on the verge of getting myself into a decent pattern, I take the easy way out.

Then, this morning, it was pouring rain – I will run on neither road or trail in pouring rain (too afraid of huge splashes or a car hydroplaning on roads & I know I’d slip and kill myself on wet leaves). The temperatures will plummet overnight, meaning that, if I want to run early on a Saturday morning, I need to do it with frozen feet and icicles in my beard (I have a a commitment at 7:30 in the morning, so I’d need to run, shower, and get myself to my dress rehearsal by then, so I’d wake just like it were a weekday) — but, considering today’s rain, the temps likely mean icy roads. So, again, I won’t run. Winter weather moves in Saturday afternoon, and the roads will be a mess for Sunday.

I had an opportunity. I didn’t take it. Worse than that, I didn’t even do a minimum workout. I’m mad at myself.

1 Yes, the making of coffee is absolutely integral to my morning routine.
Feb 9 18

Where I listen & get weird

by John

So I didn’t do this last week because I was still working my way through Stephen King’s Revival. Ultimately, I enjoyed the tale, but ending . . . well, maybe I need to sit down & read it, because I feel like every time a question was answered, three more were asked.

What I’m listening to:
Matthew Mercer‘s The Punch Escrow
When I started:
How Much I’ve Listened:
3 of the 9 hours
What I’m liking:
This is a science-fiction tale told by a smart-ass. I like goofy smart-asses who know they’re smart-asses and are unapologetic for this fact.
What I’m not liking:
Everything takes place significantly in the future – but there is a tremendous amount of 80’s nostalgia going on. Hey, I loved Ready Player One – I’m super psyched for the movie – but the 80’s nostalgia feels forced and unnecessary here. Also, I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the science in the science fiction1. This may actually be a book to which it might be better to read than listen, just because the concepts are out-there and require a good amount of thought. Still, though, I’m enjoying it.
What’s Up Next?
Something from this list:

  • JD Barker’s The Fourth Monkey
  • Ashley Posten’s Geekerella
  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

1 The book is about teleportation – where people go place-to-place via Star Trek-like transporters, only something got screwed up and the smart-ass telling the tale somehow is duplicated, and because this “can’t possibly happen,” the powers-that-be decide to try to kill both copies (at least, I think, we’re only getting the tale from one of the copies so far) and cover everything up.
Jan 30 18

Where I attempt to direct ambition

by John

I ran this past weekend1. It, truly, felt good to be on the road again — and it got me thinking about what the upcoming year is going to bring, run-wise. You see, last year, there was a lot of suck – but there was also my vanquishing two long-term goals. First, I wanted to run a marathon in less than four hours — it’s an arbitrary time, absolutely, but it’s a nice round number and is a time that I absolutely couldn’t even dream of matching when I ran my first marathon. Next, I wanted to turn the marathon distance into “just another run, albeit a long one.” Time is quite important to me — and while I love running races, I hate having to sacrifice an entire day to run a marathon. If, say, I managed to get my time under four hours, and the marathon began at 7 in the morning, I’d like to finish, and feel that I’m “mostly recovered” by noon.

Anyway – I managed to break the four-hour mark in September during a beautiful race. But, well, I wasn’t exactly “myself” for the next 48 hours.

I, again, bested the four hour mark with the New York Marathon — but, that event, by definition, takes up the entire day.

I ran the Rehoboth Marathon in December, though, and I think I managed the second goal here . . . sure, I was sore for most of the day, and I might have gone to bed horribly early that night, but I was functioning as a mostly-human all day. Heck, if I was pressed to run a 5k that afternoon, I’d have balked, but I might have been able to.

Maintenance doesn’t really do it for me — I like races, and I’ll continue to run them, because I like them, but I like to have a goal in mind. And I like to better myself. I’ve scheduled my year around two races: May and December – both of which are repeats.

In May, I’ll repeat the Flying Pig Four Way Challenge (with Extra Cheese). Primarily, this is just an excuse for me to get out & visit some some great friends in a great city (Cincinnati) – but I also get to try to push myself in news ways. The four-way challenge is a combination of a 10k followed by a 5k on Saturday, and then a full marathon on Sunday. Add in a mile-long race on Friday, and you have the extra cheese. Last year, I finished – I set a personal best in the mile, and then I did the same with the 10k. I had a fully admirable 5k. I celebrated with too much beer. And then I proceeded to lock my keys in the car Sunday morning, so I started the marathon all flustered and not-in-running shape. So, while I had a great weekend, my marathon went like, well, every previous marathon had gone for me: start out ok, hit mile 16, and, then, slowly, the wheels fell off. I walked a good bit of the last 10k, but I finished. Ultimately, I had a blast over the whole weekend. But I want another crack at the race.

In December, I’ll re-run the Rehoboth Beach marathon – I have some friends set to run it, and we’ll turn it into a family-wide weekend away. I like the thought of all of my races pointing toward a late-year goal – it keeps me focused.

However, on what new goal should I focus? With the Flying Pig challenge, I’m drawn to the world of ultra-marathons . . . yeah, because 26.2 miles isn’t long enough, I’d love to see if I could manage a 50k race. Fifty thousand meters without stopping. Can I? Why would I want to? Well, I would because next would be going 50 miles without stopping.

So, part of me scours for ultra-marathons to which I can enlist. Part of me also scours every spammy email from every race director . . . apparently, somehow, everyone knows of my penchant for wine, and, I swear, I get an invite for half-marathons anywhere that can be deemed “wine country” on a semi-daily basis.

My new job is great, but running over lunch isn’t the possibility it was with my previous position. As the weather is getting warmer, I’m thinking about waking earlier, a few days a week, and grabbing a run before work. Then, on Friday, managing a hill work out after work. Then scheduling (and adhering to) a long run every weekend. If I can manage? I think I’ll be in even better shape than I was last year, with lots of regular running.

I also get to test a hypothesis. I’m not entirely sure it’s the distance of the marathon which had been the issue for me — yeah, I would, commonly, run into problems at about the same mile marker, every time, but I actually think the issue was as much “being on my feet” for as long as I was, as was the distance traveled. So, I have a standing desk — the parallels to how I feel toward the end of the work day and the way my legs would ache as I approached the 22 mile mark . . . well, they’re quite similar. I’m not sure how I can test this – but, come May, we’ll see if I finish up the race in Cincy feeling just a little bit better than I did last year.

1 It almost didn’t happen — when I was packing for the trip, I remembered my running shoes . . . and no other gear. Now, running nekkid seems like a fun idea, on the surface, it would be quite a floppy affair. Also? Local ordinances would show that such an act is illegal. Bullshit, right? Anyway, running without some level of compression gear would be — painful, especially as I hadn’t run in about a month – I don’t have a thigh gap, my thighs would chafe. ANYWAY, I forgot my running gear, but ended up heading out to a mall with the kids, because they had one of those “let’s throw a bunch of bouncy houses together and charge for admission” and my kids were all like “fuck yeah, I wanna do that” into the idea. Next door to the bounce-house collective was a sporting goods store, so I got new compression clothing.
Jan 26 18

Where I listen & contemplate putting my phone in the freezer

by John
What I’m listening to:
Stephen King‘s Revival: A Novel
When I started:
How Much I’ve Listened:
5 of the 14 hours
What I’m liking:
I’ve been a Stephen King fan for years, so when I wanted to get something which would make me “want to know what happens next and keep me engaged, so that I might spend more time running,” I went to the old stand-by. The main character in this novel is a musician1, and King absolutely nails the adrenaline rush that is performing in front of a crowd. Chrome Roses is a great name for a band. There is plenty of sex (the beginning of the book cover’s the main character’s formative years as a teenage boy in a rock band) without sex actually becoming the story. His descriptions of relationships between suitor and suitee’s parents took me back to my own wooing days.
What I’m not liking:
Addiction is a common theme in King’s work. Right now, it’s obvious that the main, likable character is about to have some sort of supernatural run-in which is going to be made worse because of his reliance on heroin. It seems that we’re going into a “character gets clean and that allows the character to overcome the big bad” he managed to eloquently in Doctor Sleep – obviously, I don’t know, for sure, that it’s going to happen, but it certainly feels like I’m being driven down that same road. Additionally, I’m really liking the main character – but this is Stephen King, so I’m waiting for some kind of gut punch where he’s chased by some paranormal baddie & I’ll want to put my phone in the freezer.
What’s Up Next?
Something from this list:

  • JD Barker’s The Fourth Monkey
  • Ashley Posten’s Geekerella
  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

1 Many don’t know this, but Stephen King is actually an accomplished musician – I saw him, live, in Washington DC about… geez, maybe 20 years ago. He was in a band named the Rock Bottom Remainders with a bunch of other author/musicians, headlined by Dave Barry. I thought I had written about buying him a beer, but my google-fu isn’t up to the task, or I’m inventing the memory.
Jan 25 18

Where I ponder why I’m pondering what I’m pondering

by John

“Dad, what’s the hottest pepper?”

That came from my son, the other day. I mentioned that I thought it was the ghost pepper, but that I was hardly an authoritative source. Apparently, it’s a new “Pepper X”.

My kids claim pepperoni is way too spicy. Why do they care about hot peppers?

I know late-night binges are harmful to the way I’m trying to craft my body. I know I love sleep. I know I have trouble with: cashews, beer, wine, and cheddar cheese.

Why do I insist on trying to stay awake at night? And why do I keep my problem-foods around, in plain sight1?

I have my two dogs – they’re both badly behaved. Benji, the larger and older of the two seems to know what is expected of him – but often just does whatever he wants, anyway (for example, I’ll leave the house in the morning to grab the travel mug out of my car – he’ll take this as “dad has left for the day” and jump onto the table to clear whatever foodstuffs the kids have left). When he’s caught doing something wrong, he acts like the guiltiest dog in the history of canine domestication (ears go back, tail goes between the legs, won’t make eye contact with anyone). Blondie, on the other hand, shows no remorse (the other day, I caught her dragging a jar of peanut butter, which she had managed to pilfer from the pantry, across the living room floor).

Why can’t the big dog teach the little dog manners? Why am I expecting human-level responsibility and initiative from my pets? And why the hell won’t the cat knock the ever-loving-shit out of the little dog2 so that the little dog might not chase the cat every time there’s an opportunity?

As I wrote about last, I spent two days in the past few weeks basically being entirely useless. During that time, I lost a not-insignificant amount of weight. My weight has been all over the place, but, lately, I’ve settled into a “I can maintain this without going crazy and most people don’t ask me if I’m sick” zone after being below it immediately after the plague. I just re-entered said zone. And I know that weight is just a number.

So why am I freak out about gaining 8 pounds in a week?

I’m a pretty technically-savvy person. I love a lot of gadgets in the house. I really don’t need anything else. I certainly don’t need to spend any more money.

Why do I obsess over whether I should get a Google Home or an Amazon Echo?

Being a dad, I find that I hold onto dollar bills — while I have a stash of dollar-coins, I have a “the tooth fairy needs to be prepared” thought. So I keep stray dollar bills in a drawer in my bedside table. And as a musician, “seeder cash” when you’re playing for tips is, well, a sad necessity.

Why can’t I shake the thought of making a strip club visit every time I see this assortment of singles? Again, I don’t need to be spending any more money.

I’m a casual sports fan, at best. When I played sports, I was moderately good at a few – but that was mainly because I was bigger than the other kids my age3. In all of my time, I have bought a single relic of a specific player: A Vladimir Guerrero jersey from his days with the Montreal Expos.

Why do I feel proud in the fact that he was just voted into the hall of fame?

If I go more than 2-3 hours without checking twitter, I start to get “the shakes.” Why do I obsess about hiking the Appalachian Trial? Consequently, if I were to go on a long-term hike, the main reason would be to unplug for a bit – so why do I ponder whether I’d get cell-phone signal in some of the remote places on this will-not-happen-anytime-soon hike?

1 Well, not the cheese – though maybe if I left the cheese out, it would get moldy, and then I’d get disgusted with myself for having to throw it away so that I don’t buy it the next time.
2 The cat has claws – she’d win.
3 In fourth grade, we had a substitute teacher come in – the first thing she did was send me to the principal’s office. I went. They called the room to see why I was sent. The teacher’s answer “the high schooler was pretending he belonged in the class.” The office sent me back – the substitute was embarrassed, but I don’t know if she ever actually bought that I belonged there.
Jan 22 18

Where I wonder where the time goes as I break out of a rut

by John

The plan was straight-forward: I’d ensure that I have enough time, on the weekday mornings mornings, to do all of the things I need to do1 and get a bare-bones work out2 in. Even if workout plans for the whole day fall apart, the theory was, I, at least, started the day with more pull-ups than I managed in my twenties3. On the weekends, I’d add in a long-run. I’ll manage workouts over lunch when possible, and I’ll continue martial arts with the kids.

But then this year hit. First, the new job is great, but I don’t have access to a shower at the office. So I need to ensure I have time enough to shower in the mornings — otherwise a “well, I can skip a shower this morning” quickly evolves into “I haven’t showered since the weekend and I’m pretty sure I can be classified as a biological weapon.”

Then there is this winter. After watching the elder/bigger of my dogs deal with the pain of a cracked paw pad after I walked him in bitter cold, I looked up what “safe” temperatures for dog walks were. Temperatures have, regularly, been far south of the outlines provided in that article. And, when it’s been too cold to walk? I’ve slept.

Then there was a string of illness. Right before my start date at my new job, I was hit by one of the worst colds I’ve ever had (I should note that this was a man cold – the average person, likely, would have just blown their nose an extra time & been fine). For a full day, I could could do little more than get out of bed4, and the lingering effects lasted for about a week – I just felt week & stupid. Then, my second week at the new job, I got hit with a stomach bug which, again, left me completely useless as a human5 for an entire day (Duffy speculates that my habit of scheduling myself & everyone around me so tightly means my body must react with “you will lie down and do nothing but binge-watch Netflix” symptoms for any ailment because otherwise I’ll just trudge along and never allow myself to heal). That’s two days this month where I, physically, couldn’t make myself do anything — and the recovery from each was significant.

So we go back to that morning workout. I’m finally feeling a little more like myself. The temperatures are such that it’s not pet-abuse to walk my dogs. I wake up at 4:45 — why am I absolutely strapped for time to get everything done?!

I have these grand plans of running a 5k before sunrise, or sparring a few rounds with the heavy bag, or meditating and practicing the forms/techniques for karate, or do something to switch up the morning routine. But the routine remains constant: wake, dress, walk dogs, make lunches, do a super-set of my eye opener workout, start water boiling for coffee, dress kids, do another super-set, start coffee brewing, do a last super set, ensure everything is set, and then wonder why I’m out of time as I run into the shower.

Maybe I need to move the clock back just a few more minutes in the morning – Benji certainly wouldn’t mind an earlier walk (Blondie, however, has to be lured out of the bed every morning, so she might just bite me if I try to get her up any earlier). Or maybe I need to stop “finding things” to do as I go between tasks in the morning (today, it was scoop the cat litter and break down cardboard boxes). But I feel that I’m caught in a rut, and I need to do something to get myself moving.

1 Walk the dogs, make lunches for Duffy and the kids, feed the pets, get the kids dressed, make coffee — one of these is far more important than all of the others.
2 Pull-ups, Dips, Pistol Squats, Push-ups
3 That would be zero. I didn’t have the strength/discipline to complete a single pull-up until I was well into my thirties.
4 Of course, this was also tech week for a show I was playing, meaning I was driving an hour, each way, to rehearse for a few hours.
5 I know my usefulness is subject for debate already.
Jan 19 18

Where I Listen & Remember back to being a kid

by John
What I’m listening to:
Robert C. O’Brien’s Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
When I started:


How Much I’ve Listened:
About 1/3 of the book
What I’m liking:
Growing up, I watched The Secret of NIMH, often. It seems that most of my memories, if a TV was on, the TV was showing The Cosby Show or the Secret of NIMH. Heck, until Star Wars, and even with Star Wars in contention, I think the Secret of NIMH may be the movie that I’ve seen the most often. And yet, I know very little of the story. Somehow, it was simply the animation which enthralled me as a kid – and I mostly didn’t follow the story at all. The little mouse is sick. The tractor is coming. There’s a big scary owl. And a bird who likes shiny things. And something about rats versus mice. And a Nicodemus — but, really, it’s all just a blur. So, as I’m listening, I’m taken back to being mesmerized watching the electronic pacifier. Now,
I’m not sure just how much is actually soaked in by a kid watching a movie, but I know that, as the nuances of the plot, with repeated viewings, as I aged, should have stuck with me, they didn’t. My memories are all a great big pile of awe at animation. So the story is proving to be a lovely pairing of nostalgia with an almost-eye-opening thought of “I should have paid more attention”. The story, itself, is wonderful, the narration is spot on.
What I’m not liking:
Honestly, there isn’t much here – it’s delightful.
What’s Up Next?
Something from this list:

  • Aldous Huxley’s Island
  • Haruki Marukami’s What I Talk about When I Talk About Running
  • JD Barker’s The Fourth Monkey
  • Ashley Posten’s Geekerella
  • Stephen King’s Revival
  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
Jan 12 18

Where I listen & laugh

by John
What I’m listening to:
Jim Gaffigan‘s Food: a Love Story
When I started:
Two days ago
How Much I’ve Listened:
About 1/3 of the book
What I’m liking:
The man is funny – very funny. And he’s the narrator – as a stand up comic who has “made it,” he’s captivating and keeps you wanting to listen. He & I may disagree on the merits of seafood (and, I may try to keep my diet devoid of carbs), but we agree on most everything so far. For the most part, he places food, primarily the sheer enjoyment of eating (in both quality & quantity) as an absolute priority in his life – and he wants the world to know what makes him go.
What I’m not liking:
This comes across as a collection of stand-up bits, not really a novel. It’s certainly enjoyable, but I don’t feel the need to listen, to figure out what might be coming next. And, while I’m blaming the cold (both the outside temperatures & an ailment which has snottier than a Snot Monster) for the lack of extended cardio (which always results in extended audiobook listening), the fact that I don’t feel a pressing need to listen to this book is part of the reason why there are fewer miles of pavement pounded as of late.
What’s Up Next?
Something from this list:

  • Robert O’Brien’s Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
  • JD Barker’s The Fourth Monkey
  • Ashley Posten’s Geekerella
  • Stephen King’s Revival
  • Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
Jan 9 18

Where I step back & realize I’ve disappeared

by John

So, wow. Um, hi! I guess it’s been a little while. The absence? Well, it wasn’t entirely a conscious one. You see, every day, there’s a little thought in the back of my head where I’m hoping to write a blog post — but, in the past year, I guess, that little thought has never germinated beyond being “gee, I wonder if I’ll actually get to post today.”

And then months, and then more months, go by.

So, let’s see, what’s happened since I last left ya’ll:

  • My kids are still around. I think. Maybe. Probably. I mean, there is firm evidence, in that cookies & ice cream disappear from my house, that I have children. I’m sure of it1
  • The family went to the beach – I can neither confirm nor deny reports of sunrise, nude yoga on the beach. I happily confess to eating tremendous amounts of Island Creamery ice cream. Somehow, for the first year, I didn’t sunburn myself to the point where I feared taking a shower.
  • I switched jobs – still doing mostly the same stuff – I define work as “computer stuff” when my kids ask me what I do when I go to work.
  • I’ve maintained my My Fitness Pal streak, going on for five years now. And I’m still as honest with things as I was when I started. I started at 256 pounds in 2013, I’ve been between 178 and 206 since 2014. I’m 191 right now & I can honestly say that I don’t overly stress about maintenance like I once did.
  • I ran three marathons:
    • September, I completed the Maritime Marathon in Nova Scotia, Canada. The previous year, I had run the half-marathon. While going to another country and running a half-marathon is something to brag about – I couldn’t shake the feeling that, as I ended that race, I had more in me. Did I have another half-marathon in me? That I don’t know . . . but I felt that I had *more*. So as the race started to fill up, I looked at the airline prices & saw that they were unusually reasonable, and I booked myself into the race. I ran what I believe must be the most beautiful marathon course in the world. And I *finally* broke the four hour landmark time, in my tenth marathon attempt.
    • November, I re-ran the New York Marathon. I can talk about this in detail, but I did that the first time I ran it. This time? I actually slipped on a banana peel. We were somewhere between mile 25 and 26, getting close to the end. All race, there had been a slight drizzle. I knew I was close, and I knew I had passed all of the danger-spots which would keep me from repeating a sub-four-hour follow-up. And I slipped on a banana peel. Now, it wasn’t enough to actually take me down. And I did finish (about 30 seconds slower than the prior marathon finish). But I always thought that banana peels were only slippery in Mario Cart. But a peel on wet pavement? Whee!
    • December, I ran the Rehoboth Marathon – my mom’s best friend lives in Rehoboth, and every year, we’d spend a significant portion of our summer vacation here, so it was kind of fun to visit all grown up. On this super-flat course, on a beautiful day, I bested my previous best by over 5 minutes (well, it might be 10 minutes, see, there was a little side track with runner trots at mile 16….do I take the offical time, or do I take the watch time, where things were paused as I dealt with nature?).
  • Got a new dog – her name is Blondie and she walks on three legs. She poops more than the kids. And she cannot see someone cuddled on a bed/chair/sofa with a blanket and not jump up and have her own cuddle pile.
  • Christmas Happened. When you have kids, it really is a miracle to see just how much stuff you can get into your house. Apparently, my kids ended up on the good list this year.
  • Duffy & I celebrated our 14th anniversary — no grand gestures this year – just a quiet night with a mountain of sushi. It was just about perfect.
  • I turned 40. /throws confetti.
  • I’ve been playing a LOT of music — it’s almost to the point where I think I’m actually a pretty good bass player. Sometimes.

I’m hoping to not be a stranger around these parts – but, well, you never know what might come. That said, as the weather starts to warm up, I’m going to figure out a way to get myself running again (it’s been so cold that I haven’t even been walking the dogs – but the new job is in a stone’s throw of Wildwood Park, which is where the wheels fell off on my first ever marathon run. The park isn’t part of the Harrisburg Marathon route these days, but, despite the hills & memories of exhaustion, I get a little nostalgic when I run it). I’ll still be listening to Audio Books as I run (I actually think that may be my next regular thing – #FridayReads, where I detail the book I’m listening to — I work better when I hold myself to a regular schedule). I think I’m *FINALLY* over this cold which has been plaguing me, and with that,
progress toward doing a single, goddamn muscle-up will continue. There may be some long-form fiction that I want to write . . . I know there’s a novel in me, so maybe if I post here, more often, I’ll just write more often? And the musical – I need to work on that, too.

Anyway, thanks for reading – really hope to be back here more often.

1 They’re doing just fine – learning to love to read; playing video games; teaching themselves to draw & paint; kicking ass in karate; making me tired. You know, kid stuff.
Jun 16 17

Where sanity and vanity conflict

by John

I’m having a phenomenally bad day at work today — I had to make a call to kill a project which not only means work made toward the project may have all been wasted, but it also means that, moving forward, I likely have a *lot* more work.

It’s a bad enough day that I’m overlooking any forward progress made on other projects (and there actually has been some good stuff today). When I’m having a day like this, I like to remind myself that, well, I *am* Daddy Runs a Lot. I run. When I run I feel better.

But then the voices creep up…

  • You have a 1:00 meeting. You don’t have time for a run.
  • 40 minute run, 5 minute shower, I’m back in *plenty* of time.
  • But the nice lady at the Indian Buffet hasn’t seen you in forever. She probably misses you.
  • The Indian buffet on a Friday can be so busy that I’d have the same time issues if I ran.
  • But the Indian buffet is yummy. Running tastes like salt and road dirt.
  • But The La’s birthday party is tonight — I’ll be wearing a swim suit. The yummy Indian buffet will leave my body with obvious evidence that I visited said buffet.
  • But it might rain.
  • But it might not.
  • But it might rain during your run. You hate it when you run in the rain.
  • Eh, so I get wet – I’ve run in worse than a little rain.
  • You’re still writing a blog post when you could be getting ready to run and, therefore, ensure you’re back with plenty of time for the meeting.
  • But I miss writing.
  • So you should stay writing because you enjoy writing!
  • But I enjoy Audiobooks, too, and I’m in the middle of a good one.
  • You’re still thinking about the Indian Buffet, aren’t you?
  • Mmmmmmm, saag paneer by the gallon. But no – swim suit!
  • I need to get ready to sweat don’t I?
  • Yeah, you do.