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Where I write in six words #sixwordsunday

by John on August 21st, 2011

I knew fatherhood would be hard.

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  1. But it’s pretty damn amazing, too.

  2. Lisa permalink

    It gets harder. Not easier like people think.

  3. But not as hard as motherhood, ha! JK, Craig always tells me I try to one up him on the kid stuff if he complains. I know you are a great dad. That’s way more than 6 words…

    • I appreciate the great dad compliment

      Writing in six words is hard.

      “Parenthood” would be a better word

  4. Harder when being a GOOD dad.


    Motherhood is a bitch. Damn Eve.

  5. Harder and better than I thought.

  6. I try and I try but I am just not smart enough for six word stories.

    Well done.

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