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Where I recount Trick-or-Treating

by John on November 1st, 2011

It’s possible that, growing up, I was more excited about trick-or-treating a time or two. I mean, I remember the time I dressed like a girl (I looked like a Monty Python character), and that was cool because I actually got to figure out how a bra clasped . . . but, last night, well – it was the first time that my kids would be walking for Halloween, and any excitement that I had as a kid – well, I just can’t believe it would have been like this.

CJ as a Dragon

CJ the dragon and Ser Runs a Lot

Ser Runs a Lot & Lady Leila

The last two weeks at Casa de Batzer have been somewhat hectic, because the costumes were being prepared. Duffy was going to learn to sew by creating a dragon costume (I actually had flashbacks to sewing a boombox pillow in home-ec in 7th grade) and my mother-in-law was going to make a princess dress for Leila.

Me? I was going to try not to get too drunk while everyone else sewed.

They're Going to Give Me Candy?

I'm a Princess

Dragons go Roar!

Duffy did a great job, and CJ loved his costume. And Leila – well, we always knew that she was a princess at heart.

Brother & Sister

There was a fairly significant amount of snow on the ground, which was just weird . . . and the night was cold. CJ had layers on, though, and trooped through it all. Leila, well, she was shivering and cold and absolutely refused to wear anything that would affect the pretty. See, she’s my daughter . . . and people were adoring her and giving her candy, so she absolutely needed to be the center of attention, blue lips or not.

Smile for the camera!

CJ had bucket duty, and was very proud of his bucket. He’d go from house to house, even signing thank you, gathering candy . . . well, candy and snowballs. He really liked throwing the snow on the ground.

Snow > Candy for dragons

Leila, well, she was given a peppermint stick at the first house we were at, and she carried it the whole way (it was her royal scepter). In fact, she wanted to carry all of the candy she was given the entire trip . . . despite the fact that her hands only let her carry two pieces at a time. Anytime we took a piece of candy from her, she’d protest, but then start running to the next house to get more.

More candy, please

Can I ring the doorbell now?

This was, easily, my favorite Halloween, ever . . . even better than the one in college where we went trick-or-treating for shots and there was some miscommunication over this shot with amaretto & Bailey’s that’s topped with whipped cream…

Happy Family

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  1. There is an absolutely ridiculous amount of cuteness in this post!

  2. Where was the warning on this?

    My biological clock was taken completely unawares.

    No costume for Duffy, though?

    • Duffy is wearing a costume – she’s a photographer who just finished a sewing project . . . see, it works!

      I kind of thought post-Halloween had its own biological clock warning.

  3. Looks like you all had a blast. We were fortunate enough to spend Halloween with nieces and nephews – a couple of the tween variety, a couple of the toddler variety. What a great time! I’m so glad we were able to share in that.

    • Yeah, that sounds like a great way to spend the holiday . . . those where, perhaps, the magic is gone, but they still want it there all of the way down to those for whom the magic is still pure.

  4. it looks like you guys had a kick-ass time. You especially. Was that thing hand-sewn? well done. definitely.

    • My costume was not hand-sewn. The fly-by-night Halloween costume shop had it, and I bought it . . . but I think it worked 🙂

  5. You dressed up too! How cute. Snow at Halloween does seem weird. My oldest has been refusing to wear sweatshirts and jackets lately because they cover her “fancy” clothes. Good luck with your daughter in the future.

    • My daughter, in the future, is going to have me a royal mess. I may be stalking your blog more than I do now for tips & tricks…

  6. Love the costumes, especially yours 🙂

    • Thank you – you might be able to tell that I truly had a blast 🙂

  7. That’s the best fake chainmail I’ve ever seen! I’m totally in awe of everyone’s sewing ability. And now I want some Bailey’s.

    p.s. You’re all adorable.

    • My costume was the only one that wasn’t hand-made . . . but, yeah, I thought the fake chainmail came out really, really well in pictures.

      I always want Bailey’s.

      And thanks 🙂

  8. I would give Duffy crap for not dressing up, but she did such a fantastic job on the dragon costume, I couldn’t possibly! How fun. Your kids are adorable and Halloween is fun when they’re little.

    • Yeah – for at least the next 5-6 years, I have a feeling that Halloween is going to be among my favorite times of the year.

  9. Super cute kids indeed. I had the snow too. Unlike you, though, no seeing here. You win.

    • Snow at Halloween just seems epicly unfair.

      You had lots & lots of cute, by the way 🙂

  10. We did princess(es) and a dragon here, too. They just go together. Seriously cute kids there, John. They do make any holiday better, don’t they? And this Christmas? JUST YOU WAIT. This is going to be the first huge one.

    • I think next year is going to be the first true Christmas – this year, there’s still too much “I’m not sure what’s going on.” They’ll like it, surely, but next year, well, I’m worried.

  11. You still look like you’re out of Monty Python! And love the carved pumpkin.

    But I was just telling my husband the same thing, kids make the holidays so much more fun. Who would’ve thought you’d ever see me stretching fake spider webs all over the front entryway?

    • I do look like I’m on my way to Spamalot, don’t I?

      I loved my life before the kids . . . but, there was no imagining, then, the things I’d long for now. Who would have guessed I’d enjoy bath time?

      The only thing – how do you convince toddlers to not watch the same movie over and over and over again?

  12. Oh my, the cuteness! You’re right- there’s nothing like seeing it from their eyes!

    And I (of course) love that you dressed up, too and that there was a theme. Sigh, I love themes. 🙂

    • Originally, we were going to have them be Luke & Leia, but my wife wanted to learn to sew, and saw the dragon costume . . . . and the new theme came about. I decided that I had to play along, too, because . . . well, how can you not. Especially since I was able to battle the dragon with tickles.

  13. The cuteness factor is through the roof.

  14. looks like you all had such a great time! i love that you ALL dress up 🙂

    • Yeah – it made things a lot more fun . . . I want to do everything possible to keep magic in my kids’ lives, and if that means dressing up & acting goofy on Halloween, well . . . I do kind of miss my trick-or-treating days.

  15. Wow that’s awesome that Duffy made the dragon costume. Kudos to her for that! I’d say she should’ve dressed up too, but I didn’t dress up either so I can’t talk any smack. Mad cuteness, John. For reals.

  16. I agree with the flying chalupa! You are still rocking the monty python looks. Your kids are adorable (are they twins? sorry. I’m new here) and the costumes are great. Everyone did a great job.
    I’m impressed that Leila just wanted to ‘hold’ the candy. My daughter wanted to eat each piece as it came to her. We got past that, though it took some negotiating.

    • No – they’re not twins. They’re 6.5 months apart . . . I’ll let you try to figure out just how that happens.

      I don’t think Leila knew that it was candy . . . it was just “stuff” that she was given, and she likes “stuff.” Later, when we actually opened the candy for her . . . well, that was a whole other story, and saying “no” to additional candy involved quite a few tears.

  17. I’m guessing you have twins. How did I not know this?
    Costumes are awesome. Excellent work by all!

    • I do not have twins. Coltrane & Leila are 6.5 months apart . . . . I’ll let you figure out the math 🙂

  18. The excitement is the best isn’t it? I remember as a kid being so disappointed at the end of each holiday. I had no idea that excitement would start all over again when I had kids of my own.

    • It truly is – I mean, the holiday is always fun . . . but it went to a completely new level this year.

  19. So much crazy cuteness! LOVE!

  20. Indeed, a lot of cuteness in this post!! We had amazing weather for Halloween. But I know that cold having spent six years in VA. Yikes.

  21. I know what you mean about taking the kids out for Halloween being even better than our childhoods.

    I love it. Absolutely love it.

    Each year has been better than the last.

    Our princess costumes are helped greatly by 75 degree weather and no snow.

    I don’t know if I’d like it quite so well if I still lived in Iowa, where you can’t see the costumes because of the winter jackets over them…

    Such priceless photos. Leila reminds me so much of Lil Diva…

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