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Where I say “happy anniversary” in the only way I know how

by John on December 27th, 2011

Eight years ago, today, I dun’ got myself hitched. And, well, I wrote this little diddy for my wife. I was going to do something like this for the 10th anniversary . . . but, 8 is a totally under-appreciated number. Happy Anniversary, boo.

I have spent the last few months, trying to put to words,
Exactly what you mean to me.
With a puppy by my side, and my fingers at the keys,
I always came up short.

Fish need water, elves the wood,
Cars need oil, and birds, to fly.
If you can understand all of these things,
You begin to see my need.

Oh I hope these lyrics aren’t too cheesy.
Oh I pray that I am singing on key.
On this our wedding day.

When you put your hand in mine,
And you flash me that smile of yours,
And kiss me in the morning,
Well I know I’m going to make it through the day
You see, your love is all I need.

Broken bones, black & blue,
Endless nights on the road, driving home to you.
There’s been but one thing, that’s made it all worthwhile to me,
You’ve always been by my side.

But I won’t bog us down with tales of thick & thin,
Bad times will find us, they always have, they’ll never win.
You see, when I hold you in my arms, my worries drift away,
You make me feel all right.

Oh, I hope to always make you happy,
Oh, I pray that you always see that I’m trying.
On this our wedding day.

Repeat Chorus.

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  1. Val permalink

    So, so sweet. What an amazing way to say you love her!

  2. I love the wedding pictures. Nice to see another couple with a height disparity like ours! Mazel tov on your anniversary, and may you have many more happy ones together.

    • Some of those pics came out pretty good — the day, itself, was truly a blast. And thank you πŸ™‚

  3. That was absolutely beautiful, John. Happy anniversary to you and Duffy!

  4. You, sir, are a catch! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  5. How sweet! Happy anniversary to you guys!

  6. Beautiful, truly.

    Happy anniversary!

    • Thanks, Galit – for the happy thoughts & for looking things over for me.

  7. Oh my word – love! Happy Anniversary! xo

    • Thanks, Tracy πŸ™‚

      Your Thanksgiving video is what actually lead me to give this a whole video thing a shot.

  8. You just set the bar really really high my friend. Just awesome. Happy anniversary.

    • Thanks, Poppy — but I surely don’t hope that I need to do something more extravagant next year….cause this may be my apex.

  9. Aw, so sweet!

  10. Huh. And to think, for my 10th anniversary, all I got was an iPad..

    Well done, my friend. That was truly awesome. I am in envy of your mad piano-playing skeels.

    • See, Duffy wanted an iPad, but she got this, instead πŸ™‚

      I don’t know about “mad piano playing skills,” but I can fake my way through most anything on a piano.

  11. The Lucky One permalink

    I love you.

  12. That was the sweetest song EVER. Duffy is a lucky lady. I’d pay goooood money to have my hubby sing me a song – never mind write one. Happy anniversary and many, many, many more!!

  13. Dad permalink

    Beautiful, John. Happy Anniversary to you and Duffy, and best wishes for many more to come!!!

  14. Aww, so sweet! Happy anniversary to you and Duffy! You did good.

  15. I can’t think of a better gift. Honestly. I didn’t see this yesterday, and it absolutely made my morning to see. Happy Anniversary (a day late!) to both of you!

  16. Happy 8 years! How incredibly awesome that you wrote her a song!

    • Thanks, Liz!

      When I grow up, I want to be a songwriter . . . or a playright . . . or a writer . . . or a musician . . . or a nacho taste tester. But, well, I think I might actually be able to catch lightning in a bottle with songwriting, if only I could spend more time, you know, songwriting.

  17. This was wonderful and such a great way to tell her how you feel. Just beautiful. Happy Anniversary…

  18. Your wife is a lucky woman. So sweet!

  19. waaaaaaaaaaahhh!

    Please, tell us, what is the FIRST thing you remember about your wife?

    I love the answer to that question.

    • I met my wife online . . . I got bored at work and followed a banner ad to soon after she took a dare & was completely honest with a dating profile — we emailed a bunch, we talked, and we finally agreed to meet.

      I met her at her apartment — I still remember my thought process upon seeing her. “Wow, she really is short… but cute.”

  20. That was completely stellar!! What a special gift. Happy Anniversary. I hope the next 8 are even more wonderful.

  21. Laura permalink

    Lovely song. I’m sure Duffy was thrilled, even though she really wanted an IPAD. I can’t believe it has been 8 years. Your wedding was a blast!

    • Believe me, Laura, I can’t believe that it’s been 8 years sometimes. And I like to think we did our wedding right πŸ™‚

      Yeah, she really wanted an iPad, but I think I did ok with this gift.

  22. Wow, so sweet, what a lucky woman your wife is.

  23. So so so sweet! happy anniversary to you both

  24. I love this! I saw it come through on Twitter and am just now getting around to it. Lovely.

    And my husband’s a singer/songwriter/guitar player too. But not as his dayjob – wouldn’t be so fun if you two lived close enough to jam?

    • Believe me, I’d love some locals to “jam” with. I have my band, and we’re pretty good & have some good times, but there’s nothing like just sitting down & playing.

  25. This was perfect. Just perfect.

    Cheers to enduring love, to putting yourself out there, to baring your soul in honor of your best friend.

    Sorry I unexpectedly dropped off the face of the earth – but what a fabulous return this provided.

    Hope you had a beautiful anniversary…you lucky, lucky couple!


    • Hey – if you show up here whenever you return to the face of the earth, well, drop off as needed.

      Thank you, Julie.

  26. Katie permalink

    Fantastic way to say happy anniversary ! lucky lady πŸ™‚

  27. Ay dios mio, this was amazing. Seriously, the sweetest anniversary post I’ve read. Or heard. Like ever. You are super talented and Duffy is wicked lucky…as I’m sure are you. Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! πŸ™‚

  28. This was such a wonderful video to your wife. Happy (belated) Anniversary!

  29. You two are so freaking adorable I can’t even stand it.

    Not that you should take that as a threat.

    It’s just a saying.

  30. Oh my gosh! WOW!!! And now I know you actually do play the piano and aren’t lying. And you’ve got talent πŸ˜‰

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We just celebrated our 9th. Super awesome, guys!

    • Yes, I can play piano . . . in a future post, I’m going to have to play bass for a little bit.

      And thank you.

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