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Where I ponder the upcoming blogsiversary

by John on March 5th, 2012

I’ve been in a bit of a guest-post kick lately . . . the thing is that I really like writing guest posts. Knowing that I’m going to be at another location forces me to be on my best behavior brings out my best writing, because I actually sit down and read what I’m posting. A post here, well, I do a cursory inspection before I post. But for a guest post, I actually read that a time or a dozen before I send it off1.

But, now I’m back here . . . and I really want to post more often. Because I love posting here — the thing is, the more I post here, the more I want to post here. And the more I want to post here, the better I think my writing is . . . so I want to post more and more and more and more. And this is all a good thing.

We’re coming up on something big, though. I’m approaching one full year of — and I’m finding some of the giddiness that I had when I started here. And that lead me to think about why the heck I blog. There is the “sanity check” component. The more I write, the more crazy escapes my head. But, that’s only a part of it.

No, I can say that I write for myself . . . but I write for you. Comments make me happy. Knowing that people are reading is more effective than an hour in the chair with my shrink. It’s truly wonderful to know that people want to read what’s going on. Simply, it’s you, the reader, that feed my want to write more. And it’s you, the reader, that make me want to write better. And if I’m writing a great amount of high quality stuff, it’s a relatively simple matter (in my mind2) to transition to writing something that I can make money from3.

So, as we approach my “blogsiversary,” I’m linking up with Tracy, Sweaty, Ryan and Missy, who started things on their own, right around the same time I started here . . . cause, you know, it’s fun like that…and anything to get me writing more is good to keep the voices at bay for my well-being 😉

Do Sweat the Small Stuff

1 And, even if I read something a dozen times, I’ll still find passages that I wish I could have worded better, or a missed (or extranneous) comma.
2 We’ll ignore the difference between what’s in my head & the physical work of reality for right now.
3 The idea of making money from the blog is fun – but I don’t think that would ever happen. In a perfect world, the blog would be self-sufficient . . . maybe also paying for a portion of my Starbucks habit. But, it would feed people to my writing style, getting you hooked, so that you wanted to spend your hard-earned money in reading actual novels, and plays, and short stories of sexual encounters.
  1. Congrats on your blogiverary! Can’t wait for mine to go places yours has 🙂

  2. I forget that at least on this blog, you’ve only been around a year, and that I haven’t even been reading you that long (SHAME!).

    Happy year! And happy year going forward.

  3. Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary, John! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. You seem so seasoned and awesome. Just like steak.

    • Well, I have been blogging for longer – just that these digs have only been around for a year. The previous iterations – I don’t quite know what to call them.

  4. Hurray! I’m so excited we are all celebrating together. And the voices in the head thing? Oh, yeah. I feel you on that one.

    • Yeah, the voices are . . . persistent, sometimes. No fun – but writing always helps to silence them . . . or, at least, turn down the volume a bit.

  5. I;m coming up on 2 years. May something. Congrats! I like what you write…footnoted and non.

    • Thanks, man! I find that, when I’m putting in a lot of footnotes, I’m enjoying the writing more – because each footnote is a potential post all on its own.

  6. I went through a phase where I was guest posting a lot and it always seemed like my best posts were going somewhere else. I’ve cut it way back and am trying to write better for my own site.

    • I’m always, always trying to put my best work out there . . . be it here or somewhere else. It’s just that I’ve had some issues getting properly motivated to write here, so the guest posts feel fresh, and those work so very well.

  7. A year?? Really? Congrats, but I thought I’d been reading you much longer . . . hmmmm. Interesting. Why do I think this? Crawl in MY brain and figure it out 🙂

    • Well, I’ve been blogging for more than a year, but has only been around for a year . . . so make of that what you will. I’m calling it a blogsiversary.

  8. Congrats on your upcoming one year! And love this idea – so very much fun!

  9. If you’ve been doing this for only a year (I always assume everyone’s been at it longer than I have) I’ve probably been reading you most of that time.

    Lucky me.

    I still remember *meeting* you at Mad Woman’s and following you back here because A. you were a runner B. you were a writer C. you liked LAMB.

    I didn’t even know the stuff about the music. Which is awesome all by itself.

    Thanks for the ride so far, and cheers to the next year.
    And the next after that.

    Bravo, my friend.
    And don’t break a leg.

    • You know, I’m working on a post to celebrate the Mad Woman . . . and the story of how we “met” is part of that whole thing — certainly one of the more fortuitous events in my blogging history.

  10. Only one year? That’s it??

    Feels like I’ve “known” you for so much longer.

    • You have “known” me for much longer — when I was tweeting my head off as @johnbatzer and writing for “John’s Cycling Blog”.

      By the way, we do need to remove those quotes from “known”.

  11. I am sure you ROCKED that pencil! Also, your breakfasts sound soooo good.

    • I can eat sushi and breakfast food for forever (well, maybe not together, although I don’t think that sounds like all that bad an idea), so my breakfasts do, indeed, rock 🙂

  12. Yup, sort of surprised its only been a year. It feels like you’re my buddy from college…which okay, that was only last year, right?

    Anyway, so glad you’re apart of the blogosphere and a part of my world.

    • Yeah – I was interviewing a soon-to-be college graduate last week . . . and I totally associated myself with him, age-wise. And then I realized that I was a full 12 years older than him. Dammit. If I had a kid when I graduated college, that kid would be in middle school. That seems impossible.

      And, you were among my most fervent followers from “Healthy Batzer,” not to mention the Dark Side — which has been around, in one way or another, since 2000 . . .

  13. Just signed up to follow you as part of the anniversary linkup. Congratulations!!

  14. Well get to writing buddy! We’re waiting!

    • Some day, I’m going to put a whole lot of fiction up here . . . I’ve always debated releasing it as a work in progress, but I’m not confident enough in it — perhaps chapter by chapter. I’m, truly, curious what y’all would think of some of my “it takes more than an hour to write this” stuff 🙂

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