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Where I reveal the faces of John for #blogher12

by John on August 1st, 2012

So, I’m heading to #BlogHer this weekend. And, while I find it impossible to imagine that people might not recognize me when I’m there (I’m well over 6 feet tall, well over 200 pounds, bald, bearded, easily excitable, and provide enough Instagram spam to feed most any third-world nation), this is a fun little meme that I’m completely incapable of not playing along with.

Default Face

My Default Face

Coffee Please

My “I never get enough sleep and there, simply, isn’t enough coffee in me” face

My Cleavage Inspection Face

My “I’m trying to read your name tag, not checking out your cleavage” face.

My Excited Face

My “dear god, it’s really you!” excited face1

My Happy Face

My “I’m either happy or I’m up to no good . . . but probably both” face

1 “Excited Face” is a licensed trademark of Best of Fates and used here entirely without permission, though I think Megan will not mind in the least.

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  1. Seriously bummed to not be going this weekend, and therefore not meeting YOU.

    • That “seriously bummed” thing extends to me as well — I’m seriously bummed that I won’t get a chance to meet you — but, well, something tells me that our paths will cross some time soon.

  2. I’ll be looking out for those faces! See you & Duffy there!!!!!!

  3. I am so sad I won’t have the pleasure of seeing any of those faces this weekend.

    Sometimes being a grown-up really sucks ass.


    Also, have a freaking fabulous time for me!

    • If I had known just what being a grown-up entailed, I wouldn’t have ever moved past the age of 9.

      Though I feel that, in my maturity, my appreciation of boobs has grown — so, well, there’s at least one decent aspect to being a grown-up.

      Anywho, they just opened a Bonefish Grill around us, and that made me think of you. I’m actually, likely, going to be in Baltimore for work in late August, so I might just have to crash the Banshee compound on my way back home 😉

  4. First time visitor…completely hilarious.

    I won’t be attending Blogher but if I was I’d definitely remember these faces and call you out!

  5. I recognize zero of these faces except the last one. He he!

    I am sad I won’t see it in person. ::wipes tears::

    • Don’t worry, dear Katie — I’ll be instagramming the hell out of the conference. It’ll be just like you’re there, save for the squee’ing and face-smooshing.

      On a serious note, I’m bummed that we won’t meet up this time . . . though I suspect that a future conference will have both of our names on it — just a hunch.

  6. Wish I was going to meet you! Have the best time EVAH!

    • I can’t have the best time EVAH, Missy — you won’t be there!

      But I do plan on having a great time.

  7. Also setting you apart at BlogHer? Your Y chromosome.

    • I think the estimate is that 15-20% of the attendees will have the Y chromosome. Though, yes, I do believe I’ll be quite apparent at the festivities.

  8. Have fun, and don’t forget to tell people about your favorite writing blog! Ahem.

    Also, WAY jealous everyone gets to meet you and I’ll just home mowing my lawn.

  9. If I were counting on my fingers the people I am MOST disappointed I won’t be seeing at BlogHer this weekend…

    …you’d be on my first hand.

    (Have a wonderful time, my brave man. And I can’t wait for your recap when you’re home.)

    • While I’m incredibly disappointed that I won’t be meeting you at BlogHer, I’ve come to grips with not meeting you at the conference.

      See, I’m certain that we’re set to meet each other – but the only place that seems natural is at a race. First meeting? Gathering numbers and pinning them on each other seems about right. For the second meeting (at the finish line, of course), wine. After that, blogging conferences seem within the realm of possibility.

  10. THAT is absolutely right.

    (I also want to thank you so much for your willingness to jump in and try to help me with the blog…by the time I got my brother-in-law filled in on what was going on, you were on vacation and then he was away for a business trip – or maybe it was the other way around – anyway, I didn’t want to bug either of you. The long/short of it is that I’m now in a queue waiting to be migrated to a newer WordPress and I’m not going to complain – even though it’s taking forever. Life’s too short to worry about crap like that. I’ll reach the finish line eventually. I hear there is wine there…)

    Safe travels…

  11. Seeing you = so fucking awesome.

  12. Again, you have this harmless looking avi with a sweet musical stringed instrument and then suddenly, at a blogger conference, out COMES THE HULK.

    What the what the?

    I think ’tis best to mention in future sightings posts, “I am seven foot four and built like a stone highway guardrail.”

    Then I’d recognize you.

    Was a thrill to be hugged by you.


    • You know, there was a blogger or two who actually said “I thought you’d be taller,” to me – though I’m not entirely sure if they were joking or not.

      But, I’ll be sure to include the warning next time 😉

      It was great hugging you.

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