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Where I ponder if you’re pondering what I’m pondering

by John on October 1st, 2012

Just some random ponderings for a Monday…

  • As someone who found himself with a want for wine and none in the house yesterday, how did any libation maker stay in business in Harry Potter? With the refilling charm, what was to keep someone from buying a single bottle of “the good stuff” and never buy a bottle again?
  • How come, after a weekend filled with fried foods and beer (thank you, Bloomsburg Fair), I find myself in the mood for more fried foods and beer? Even after stepping on the scale?
  • Why haven’t I learned to duck as I climb any staircase or walk through any doorway? Because the act of not ducking hurts.
  • When I can think, all day, about how great an early morning workout felt, why do I always have to convince myself to get out of bed in the morning?
  • I really want to start one of those infomercial workout programs, but I have very little time to work out at home with video, and I fear that I’d get bored watching the same video workout after workout.
  • Am I just getting older, or are the allergens that are about growing more potent every year?
  • When I become all rich & famous-like, should I buy single mansion, at the beach, to host the massive parties I’d hold, regularly, or should I buy a series of smaller houses so that we can change things up a bit?
  • Is there a better feeling that being cuddled up all toasty when it’s clear & brisk, but chilly, outside?
  • How is my son already addicted to playing Wii?1
  • How come I have Andy Rooney’s voice in my head as I type these?
  • Did I touch my head as often as I do it now and I just happen to notice more now that my head is shaved?
  • How the fuck is it October already?

1 Note that I’m not asking how he’s already addicted to playing with his weewee, which is an entirely different topic, but I have far more of a clue there.
  1. Fried food: I think it must cause the same chemical reaction that sex does: once you have it, you must have more.
    Early morning workouts? Yes, awesome but then so is sleep. Sooooo yeah, I’m no help.
    Infomercial workouts: I’ve just started crossfit but without all the pandering. A friend is “training” me. Fun stuff. Will have to tell you all about it.
    Good question on allergens. And now, damn it, I have to know.
    Beach Mansion for the win.
    Yes: sex afterglow….or even after sex sleep. Oh yeah, sleep…
    Wii! …informercial workouts… whatsayyou combine them? Family time fitness, for the win.
    I don’t know.
    I don’t know.
    And I DON’T FRICKIN KNOW! How did this happen?

    • I need to know more about crossfit . . . I’m really, really getting the bug to work out more, but I’m blaming lack of time for not getting everything as into shape as I want it — something tells me that crossfit forces one to be a bit more efficient with your time.

      Just be careful, though – the world can only take so much hot from a single person.

  2. I just wanted to drop in and say again how much I love these “brain dump” type posts you do.

  3. Those workout informercials suck you in, don’t they? They’re just so shiny and happy and toned!

    And I’m really stuck on the mansion / houses question. I do like to change things up. Hmmm…

    • They really do suck you in — I’m a bit enamored, at the moment, with 10-minute-trainer, despite the fact that the small text, everywhere, talks about “this user would participate in 3-4 training sessions per day” which, I know in my head, means that the person was working out for 30-40 minutes/day . . . but gah, I have 10 minutes!

      About the mansion/houses question, I think the answer is that I need to ensure that I’m rich enough for multiple mansions . . . and a trust fund that will purchase airfare for all of my friends, on whatever whim they may have.

  4. Gah. This makes me smile and laugh. But also, it’s true. How is it October?!

  5. That last one? It’s bullshit. It should not be October already. Gah. This year is almost over? Didn’t I just go to Israel? Wasn’t that just last month? Oh. That was January.

    • Seriously, wasn’t it just last month? Damn, this year seems to be flying by especially fast.

  6. erm, i thought you were planning to do your own infomercial work out video. and then i’m all “um, yeah, i’d “work out” to that!”

    october. thought i LOVE this month {anniversary, birthday, halloween!} the fact that it’s already here is ball-sucking-blech. seriously.

    • The other day, I was at a party, and someone actually talked me into vlogging about how I started running.

      The next step, I fear, will be to get my fat ass in front of a camera and start sweating to the oldies for y’all 😉

  7. I’m a morning work-out person, too. And it always feels awesome and I know it’s going to feel awesome, but dammit getting out of the house to jog with the dog or go to the gym is the hardest f-ing thing in the world.

    • Crawling back into bed is so, so easy and tempting.

      I hate that I choose it so often.

  8. I heard Andy Rooney as well. And buy one massive house on a major piece of land and invite all your family and select friends to come live with you. And by massive house, I mean different wings for each of US 🙂

    • But, of course, there would be room enough for each of the blogging families that will be living there to have their own wing!

  9. Definitely go with the one big mansion. ‘Cause then, whenever not partying, you can get all cozy in the library (all the best mansions have Beast-esque libraries) and it’ll feel all homey and filled with the memories of all your great parties. I don’t know why you can do that with all the different mansions, but you just can’t, so there!

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