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Where I make myself better with my kids

by John on November 19th, 2012

I’m working from home today, because I have some virus which is just absolutely kicking my ass. The past three years or so have had me sick far, far, far too often. Obviously, my children are evil.

The worst part about being sick? No, it’s not that I can’t work out, but it’s that I’m not hungry. There are times that I’m still. There are times that I’m quiet. There are times that I don’t smile . . . and all of those times, I’m just perfectly fine. But, if I’m not hungry? There is something wrong.

Despite the fact that my kids are evil and have me sick, they’re actually the thing that makes me feel better.

  • Last night, CJ brought me a cold pack, which I put on my head.

  • Leila, sensing that I needed cuddles (but unwilling to stop whatever she was doing to give me said cuddles), piled all of her stuffed animals on me.
  • The kids sleep in Duffy & my bed most every night1, but CJ has a very real “I’m awake but still want to be asleep” spell every morning. Today, he looked around, saw me, and instead of his grumpy “why am I awake” whine, he leapt toward me to come in for cuddles. Seriously, the kid has dimples that would make the Grinch’s heart melt, but when he realizes that he’s going to get cuddles while being allowed to stay in bed, his whole body is grins.

I’m already feeling that I’ve turned the corner from this virus — the headache has gone from “blinding” to “manageable,” the roaring in my ears is now a whisper, and fever spikes are fewer & less intense. I am glad to have a job where I have the option of working from home . . . and I’m really, really glad to have kids who seem to be looking out for the best for me.

1 This probably isn’t the best parenting strategy, but it’s a survival tactic . . . if one kid wakes up, the other one will wake up shortly thereafter . . . so allowing the kids to sleep in bed with us is just a matter of preserving the most sleep.

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  1. Ouch. I hope you feel better. Mr. Sandwich has a nasty bug. We’re hoping it’s the one that Baguette had a couple of days ago, because she was better the next day.

    And she sleeps in our bed, too, for the same reason. We’re trying to get the maximum sleep for all of us, and that’s how we do it. And “maximum” still doesn’t mean enough, but it’s better than it would be otherwise.

    • Yeah, our “solution” is making the best of a bad situation – there is never enough sleep, so why not maximize what we have?

  2. Never apologize for your sleeping arrangements. Sleep is crucial.*

    *Says the chick with the sleeping bag next to her bed for her own non-sleeping child.

    • I just keep telling myself that my kids won’t be going to college, sleeping in our bed. So, whatever works for today is just fine.

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