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by John on August 2nd, 2013

Just a quickie while I sneak a few minutes between work issues…

The other day, it was just me & the kids at home. I was in the middle of ignoring the little ones making dinner, so they decided to bring their games into the kitchen. It was loud, as is often the case when the kids are in the kitchen and I’m not actively playing with them.

In a quest for increased attention, kids started trying to stand closer & closer to me. I knew it was time to intervene, but those onions, simply, were not going to chop themselves.

So Leila punched CJ when he wouldn’t let her grab onto my leg.

Leila’s punching, actually, feels funny. I like it when she punches me . . . . but, well, as an authoritative parent, you can’t actually tolerate this light, tickling sensation violent behavior. So I put Leila in timeout & made sure CJ was ok.

He was fine – completely uninjured, but angry.

So Leila comes out of timeout & I state that she should apologize to CJ, but before she could apologize, CJ asked her why he hit him.

So Leila wound up and punched him again.

“CJ, I no hit you. I punch you.”

She went back in timeout.

I giggled through dinner.

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  1. You had a quickie without me. 🙁

  2. That’s the best part of parenting: giggling through dinner.

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