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Where my asshole kids continue growing up

by John on September 11th, 2013
Preschool Day 1

I knew this day would come. There was no avoiding it – but, still, it seems like it was JUST yesterday that we brought CJ home or that Leila took her first step. Alas, today, CJ & Leila started preschool.

We started the preparation last night — Duffy got home soon after I finished getting the kids to bed, and we got everything ready that we needed: a comforting “something” for them to have for the day (for Leila, a stuffed unicorn; for CJ, a superhero cape, his “Robin” cape, as it’s the same cape that I wore when I dressed as Robin for Halloween), a change of clothes (for a “just in case” scenario) apiece, their individualized buckets (because, for three-year-olds, zippers on backpacks are hard).

Duffy woke & was out of the house soon after 5 . . . I slept in with my two minions until 6:30, when I got up and got some work done. The kids dressed themselves as I took conference calls. They helped me make my coffee. CJ played Xbox and Leila entertained herself with episodes of Strawberry Shortcake while I finished up some work calls, drank some coffee, submitted some reports, & we waited to leave.

We got in my truck & went to “that church” (which is different than “church” because “that church” is where they go for preschool).

CJ, always slow to a social situation, was tentative at first, and I had to carry him up the stairs. Leila, well, she’s got too much of me in her, she found another girl, introduced herself, and asked if that girl wanted to play.

They placed their buckets on their mats. I helped them find the laminated cards with their names on them & put them on the board. CJ found some toy & started playing. Leila found Play-Doh at the craft table. “Look dad, it not brown!” she exclaimed as I lamented the sad state of the Play-Doh at home.

I prepared myself.

CJ, sensing something amiss, asked me if I would be staying — I answered “no,” and he huffed . . . but did not cry.

I pointed to The La & said “I need a hug.”

She walked over to me & hugged me, returning to her playing.

CJ hugged me without prompting, but, again, did not cry.

“Love you buddy,” I whispered.

“Love you, dad,” he said back.

“Love you, La,” I said, preparing to leave the room.

“Love you too” she responded, not looking up.

And now, I officially have preschoolers.

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  1. Mine are both officially in high school.

    Let’s start a parent support group. STAT.

  2. Mine is in preschool, in the same school she went to for daycare. I’m not really sure where the split happens, but I’m reasonably sure she’s now in preschool. At some point–a year from now?–she’ll start Pre-K.

    Your asshole kids are beautiful. They don’t look like assholes at all. 🙂

    • Oh, they’re assholes alright.

      But they’re beautiful.

      And I wouldn’t change anything — except to make them grow slower.

  3. So glad I didn’t read this at work. Sniff.

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