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Where I respond to the challenge that was my wife’s response to my challenge…

by John on January 31st, 2014

Since I’m all about fair play, I’ve decided to answer the 11 questions for anyone who responded to the challenge that I set out, after answering High Heels & Training Wheel’s blog challenge. First up, my lovely wife, Duffy.

  1. Would you rather be a famous actor, director, or musician and why?
    I actually think I’d choose author – but it wasn’t a choice here. I think I’d have to say musician because I already feel that I’m a pretty good musician . . . I’m more than “just ok” on an instrument or two. If I had the same discipline as I currently have, in regards to both my body & my art, when I was in high school & college . . . well, I think “rock star” wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for me. And let’s face it, being a sex symbol is as much a part of being a famous musician as being able to play your instrument.
    And you all know I’d be a kick-ass, internationally-known sex symbol.
  2. If you could go anywhere in the world and in time on an adult vacation where and when?
    This is a far better question to my TARDIS question. I’d say in/around Vienna about the time of Beethoven writing the 9th Symphony. I’d LOVE to be at that premiere and understand a bit about what was motivating Ludwig at the time . . . though Queens, NY in August of 1965 or a farmstead between New York & Albany in August of 1969 are way up on the list.
    A very real part of me would LOVE to visit America – especially the Pacific Northwest, prior to the landing of Columbus.
  3. Same question for a kid vacation.
    Here, I keep thinking back to heading to Disney with my kids just a few weeks ago . . . my son loved it, but might have been just as happy with a trip to a waterpark. The Disney Magic worked on him, but he was going to find his own fun.
    So, let me say 13-year-old me to the inaugural Space Camp. Or the opening of Lego Land.
  4. If you could wipe out one thing (or kind of thing) to extinction so people didn’t even know it ever existed, what would it be and why?
    My mind immediately went to smoking — I just find it a horrible habit . . . but without tobacco, I don’t think the backwoods nation that we happen to be a part of ever gets off the ground.
    I’ll say rape.
  5. If you could have just one kind of food for the rest of your life what would you choose? (Note: It doesn’t have to be exactly the same every day. You can get it from different restaurants, use different preparations, etc)
    My wife would answer pasta to this question. Me? I’m going with cheese.
  6. What is your favorite genre of movies and why? Does it differ if it is television? How about books? (I know that is three questions, but I thought it would be cheating to make it three questions.)
    B-Horror is, easily, my preferred genre of movies. Last weekend, I watched movies where the plots were: “A group of cheerleaders get lost in the woods, find a cabin with a lot of booze, tell sexy stories where they lick chocolate syrup off each other, and are hunted one-by-one by a crazed escaped inmate,” and “a group of sorority sisters rent a house that happened to be the site of a serial killer’s work, so when the power runs out during a thunderstorm, they break out the tequila and ouija board.” I couldn’t have been happier.
    Television is far different. Here, I want to watch things that make me laugh and make me think and where I can talk to other people about the show. I can talk for HOURS on the merits of The Wire or Breaking Bad. Parks & Rec, Modern Family, and Community are my favorite shows currently on the air not just because they make me laugh, but because I can talk about the episodes with my wife.
    Books win if they make me think.
  7. If you could be another person who exists for just one day, who would you be and why?
    Part of me wants to say Obama, because I’m truly curious to know what it’s like to wield that much power. Part of me wants to say Yo Yo Ma, because it would be wonderful to walk about having more talent & worth-ethic than anyone else on earth. Part of me wants to say The Rock because I want to turn heads and be the baddest ass in the room, whatever room I happen to be in.
    So I think I might take a bit of each and say Bono.
  8. Lemon or lime?
    Lemon, if by itself. Lime, if used in cooking.
  9. Which is your favorite Indiana Jones movie and why?
    The Last Crusade – though it may be because it was the first Indiana Jones movie in which it didn’t just go over my head. While I love Short Round, but play between Connery & Ford just made this movie for me.
  10. If challenged to give up electronic devices for a year, do you think you could do it? Would the incentive matter?
    I think this is the question my wife most hoped I would answer. My question would be “what is the incentive?”
    Do I think I could do it? Yes. I do. But it would require me, basically, to Pull a McCandless. There is no way that I’d be able to maintain a job. There is no way that I’d be able to even have access to a car. But I think my survival skills are in-tact enough to make it through a year. Heck, after reading Into the Wild, I half WANTED to head to the Alaska wilderness — just unplug & go out . . . there’s an allure there. Though it’s very weird to think about barely being able to function, because of lack of light, in the mid-afternoon.
  11. What is the first memory that comes to your mind when you read the word funny?
    The Midvale School for the Gifted

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  1. Duffy has great questions, and you, great answers. I especially like your answer to wipe out rape.

    • I’m not sure how it would work, but it certainly would be a great step forward, for humanity’s sake, wouldn’t it?

  2. You nailed my food choice. And I love the answer to number 11.

  3. Breaking Bad and Parks & Rec are my favorite shows EVER!
    I could give up electronics for a year if it weren’t for them.


    (I, too, wanted to go into the wild after reading Krakauer’s book. I also wanted to climb Mt. Everest after reading Into Thin Air. What can I say? I have unrealistic fantasies…)

    • I’ve had very, very long talks about how great The Wire is . . . until I saw Breaking Bad, I’d have argued that you wouldn’t ever find a better show. Except, now, well, yeah, I liked Breaking Bad better (but Omar Little remains the greatest written character in television history, in my opinion). Parks & Rec . . . I’ve watched it from the start, and I can’t believe that it’s gotten better & better & better; I’ll be very sad when its tenure is over.

      And now I need to read Into Thin Air.

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