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Where snow brings out The Force

by John on November 30th, 2014

The day before Thanksgiving, I worked from home. What started with “maybe I should work from home because the office will be a ghost town” turned into “I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it into the office to ensure that I’m there for a 6:30 meeting” turned into “no way I’m leaving home to drive home in an afternoon driving snow when I’d need to be in at 6:30, anyway, and, with the extra people traveling and the snow anticipated, getting in by 6:30 was iffy to begin with….”

So I worked from home.

And snow, it did. There wasn’t a tremendous amount, but it was enough that I was glad to not be driving in it. The kids, however, spent the day just begging to go outside. “Dad, can we play in the snow?” was heard, every few hours minutes seconds. Before too long, however, it was time for me to shut down the laptop, and we went outside.

First, we put on the snow clothing – snow pants, winter jackets, boots, hats, gloves . . . the works. Then, I dug the sleds out of the complete mess that is my garage. Then we went sledding . . . again and again and again. We have one really good sledding hill in my yard, and we, essentially, went down the hill, again and again, until the hill, simply, wasn’t traversable. At this point, The La started to complain that her fingers hurt, so we started toward the house.

But CJ begged us to stay. Then he begged me to push The La down the hill, one more time, as he ran into the house.

When he ran back, he had with him his blue toy lightsaber.

The toy’s hilt was buried in the snow. The boy asked me to pick him up by the ankle. Once suspended he tried, with all his mental might, to make the lightsaber fly to him.

I <3 my geeky son.

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  1. CJ for the win!

  2. I <3 him too.

  3. Ha, awesome.

    My daughter LOVES being in the snow. I have my limits. I’m old.

    • I’m old, too — but I’ll gladly adorn myself in snow gear to play in the snow with my kids.

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