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Where I look back over your last year

by John on November 4th, 2015
School Pic

You can count to one-hundred . . . though sometimes you get tripped up somewhere between 13 & 17. And you’re right, it should be “tenty-one, tenty-two, tenty-three, tenty-four, tenty-five, tenty-six, tenty-seven, tenty-eight, tenty-nine.” Alas, the English language has a whole bunch of stuff that will never make sense to anyone.

I’m not sure if I enjoy your love of cuddles more than you enjoy being cuddled. But, either way, it’s something of which I hope you never outgrow.

Benji Cuddles

You enjoy your sweets.

Blue Lips

Two Pieces of Cake


Lightsaber Buckethead


Goofy at the Restaurant


Vampire Teeth

And you were even goofy when you graduated preschool.

Preschool Graduation

You enjoy your Legos.
Lego Knight

You’re still not too old for facepaint – then again, neither is your dad.

Face Paint

Video games are a priority for you, but you make the most out of any time to play.

Playing in the Corn Bin

You actually understand how to play soccer, though there are times you forget which goal you’re supposed to be attacking. And the “no hands” rule stymies the best of us, from time to time.


You lost three teeth.

Lost Tooth

You got a new cat.


Your dad made you take lots of selfies with him

Selfie with Daddy - Looking Dapper

Selfie with Daddy - Halloween

Selfie with Daddy - What Is Bedtime?

Selfie With Daddy - Alpaca Shearing

Selfie With Daddy - Organ

You progressed three belts in Tang Soo Do and show a continued urge to “do better.” Random breaks to meditate have turned to random breaks to do push-ups. I’m not sure what brought about either, but they crack me up.

Yellow Belt

You’re quick to point out that we don’t only need to go to the beach only once a year . . . believe me, kid, your dad is trying to figure out how to spend more time there.

Family at the Beach 2015

You started school. Your favorite class appears to be PE.

At School

First Day of School

You’re growing up so fast. I love you.

Kindergarten Pro

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  1. Kim permalink

    Happy 6th Birthday CJ!

    Your Canadian friends xox

  2. Happy Birthday, CJ!

  3. True story? I read the twenties twice and kept being like, um, checks out!

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