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Where I share, with you, my screen-saver #WordlessWednesday

by John on October 26th, 2011

Snick & Cosmo
Duffy & CJ, on his birthdayMaestro CJ
Daddy & CJ
Smirking CJ
Sleepy Daddy & Sleepy CJ
CJ Wants a Hug
Put 'em up
Nakey Baby!
CJ at the piano
Daddy & CJ
Gnomish CJ
Witchy Leila
Daddy & CJ
Bathtime CJ
Leila in Pink
Leila, smiling in her high chair
Ladybug Leila
Smiley Leila, Fighting Naptime
Pip will not be ignored
She's my valentine
A rare carseat smile
A big world ahead of her
Oooh, guitar
So Proud of her Purse
You can't teach attitude
Leila on the keys
Beachtime CJYou know you want to pick me up
An Angry Birds Tutorial
Hey - where's the baby?
Chilling on the couch
Making the scary parts less scary
Me & my guys
All of Us

  1. ADORABLE!!!

  2. Val permalink

    I would never get any work done staring at all that cute.

  3. I didn’t realize you had so many animals!

    I’m digging the zip-up tux.

    • One of those dogs doesn’t live with us anymore (long story, he’s fine – just living at his original house, after a several-year hiatus with us), but yeah, two dogs & a cat . . . and soon, fish.

      CJ was about 3 weeks old when my sister-in-law got married . . . she demanded that CJ be dressed appropriately at the wedding, hence, the tux onesie.

  4. These are all excellent for bringing a smile to the face.

  5. Oh, that gorgeous family of yours. Happy sighs.

  6. Oh.My.sweetness. You all could not possibly be a more gorgeous family. Those kids! That pic of your wife holding your son (I think) in the hospital? She is insanely beautiful. This was so wonderful to see, John. Brought a smile to my face at the perfect moment!!

    • Yeah, that was, I think, the day after CJ was born, still in the hospital (Leila, I guess, is technically in that picture, too)

  7. So sweet!

    My screensaver? Always just one pic!

    • Every now & then, I’ll catch coworkers gathering around my PC – half of the time, I fear that I left my computer unlocked & they’re reading something juicy that I was working on . . . but, it’s always to see the random pics that I have come up.

  8. My husband keeps pictures of our dogs on his phone. I don’t get that. The kids, cute, I totally get. I like my dogs but I guess I am a terrible dog owner.

    • When the dogs served as our fuzzy children, I kept pictures of the dogs . . . just a reminder of “cute at home”

      Because, sometimes, that reminder comes in very handy.

  9. It’s a cuteness overload up in here. My faves are Maestro CJ, Leila in pink, eyelashes, corn and the family pic at the end. SO. Flippin. CUTE.

    (BTW, I haven’t gotten an email from you with new posts in a while. Is something wrong with your feedburner?)

    • Do you know when you signed up for feedburner? I had to change a setting very, very early on, and I don’t know if old feed is still operating, but I thought I got it soon enough that nobody was subscribed…

      Anyway, about the family, thank you – I got very, very lucky.

  10. So, so very sweet!

    My have os of you with the adorable pointing baby- excellent colors in there and wows that smile!

    • Her smile is evil – it gets her a lot. And I’m ready for the cute barrage. I fear an unsuspecting world.

  11. All so adorable – especially the forth from the top doggy one!

  12. This totally made me smile. Needed this. Love it.

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