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Where I talk about some upcoming changes

by John on December 8th, 2011

Things are going to be changing around here – pretty drastically, in the near future. You may have noticed some minor changes, if you’re a stalker you’ve been poking around — but, starting this weekend, I’m hoping to give the entire blog a facelift, with a new theme: Batzerized.

If you happen to notice things not looking right – would you mind Dropping me a line?

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  1. I just hope I don’t get dropped from your subscriptions again!

    But now that I know there are changes coming, I’ll be on the lookout…

    • It really looks like I screwed something big up in the switch from to with the subscriptions . . . but, as far as this weekend’s changes – I don’t anticipate losing anyone . . . those subscriptions are held somewhere else, so we should be ok.

  2. I’m going to subscribe and let you know what happens.

    Also…you are going Julie c gardner a run for her money in the best commenter in the blogosphere category.

    I need to let her know.

    • I could never approach the awesome that is Julie C Gardner . . . but I’m happy to be mentioned in the same sentence with her :-p

      And, yes, please, let me know if something happens with the subscriptions.

  3. Did you create your own theme?

    • I’m putting the final touches on it – it’s a simple thing with some easy customizations — we’ll see how it flies.

  4. Exciting!

    And hee! Batzerized- that? Is perfect!

    Can’t wait to see the new digs!

    • The changes are a bit behind schedule – but they’re coming . . . stupid learning a new programming language as you’re actively programming.

  5. I have noticed some minor changes up in herr. Like the steam of neat little Instagram pics in the right column? Nice touch. Looking forward to the new look, which I’m sure will be as smooth as Lynnette on a Saturday night!

    • You’ve, obviously, never seen me play — I’m not exactly smooth 🙂

      I’m actually really interested in rolling things out . . . but, um, I’ve fallen a bit behind. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the Instagram stream.

  6. Looks good to me. I like the Instagram feed on the right side.

  7. I hope everything’s ok.

    I have heard/seen much from you lately. Just know if you need a dude to talk to, I’m here.

    • Yeah, I’m doing ok – just been absolutely swamped . . . barely have time to do much of anything on my own, and that includes writing here and visiting others.

      I’m trying to find a way to do it all, but I’m falling short. This shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does.

  8. Can’t wait to see it all.

    • I was hoping to launch it this week, but we might have to push things back — I uploaded the files & *poof* nothing worked.

      Fortunately, switching themes is pretty easy to do…

  9. Good luck! I’m scared to make my own changes!

    • I figure that it will be a long time before I find everything that I want in a blog layout “just available,” so I might as well figure it out. The next step, I hope, is to commercialize blog design . . . we’ll see how that works.

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