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Where the topics I write about range from bacon to zombies to Strawberry Shortcake.

by John on January 23rd, 2012
  • I keep meaning to start a technical blog post series, titled “Techie Tuesdays,” where the first post will be explaining the way HTML works. But, it’s really fucking hard to write an entertaining blog post about how HTML works.
  • I missed that today (Chinese New Year) is a holiday in the Philippines . . . every Monday, I start the day, at the office, with a 6am video call with my employees in Manila. I nearly called to say that I wasn’t going to make it to the office, because the roads were icy, but I made it in. Only to be stood up. Because I can’t read a calendar.
  • Not having the call meant that I sat down to a nice breakfast . . . bacon & hashbrowns & eggs & coffee.
  • I can eat breakfast foods for forever.
  • And sushi.
  • Seriously, I’m pretty sure that, if you created a breakfast food & sushi buffet, I’d make John Pinette’s “Chinese Buffet” bit seem like amateur eating.

  • I’m between therapists right now – I just never felt comfortable with my last guy . . . I’ve had my sessions on Monday afternoons, between work & symphony rehearsal.

    Today is my first “free” afternoon, as I haven’t found a new therapist. I’m actually considering working out through the entire time that I’d normally spend in therapy, instead of at a bar, having a few beers (which is what I did before therapy).

    I don’t know if this is progress or not.

  • I can’t write “Therapists” without thinking of Celebrity Jeopardy and Sean Connery trying to answer a question from “The Rapists”
  • The previous is the closest we’ll ever get to an acceptable rape joke.
  • I “shaved” my head with clippers this morning, which means that I used my clippers at their shortest-possible setting. I am really, really tempted to follow up, next time, with a razor1.
  • I’m using Netflix streaming to introduce my kids to the classics that I grew up with. This weekend, I introduced them to He-Man, and the Masters of the Universe. Damn, that was a bad cartoon. I remember, in college, lamenting the end of the “afternoon cartoons,” because it was all Power-Rangers this and Power-Rangers that2, and I really thought that kids just “didn’t know what was good.” But, I’m not so sure that I knew “what was good” when I was a kid, now.
  • Thundercats, however, will always rock my socks off. As will Captain Caveman. And I’ll always believe in Turtle Power. Voltron, I fear, while I loved it, is nearly unwatchable these days. The jury is still out on Thundercats.
  • My daughter loves Strawberry Shortcake. I remember making fun of Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite, as a kid, though my sister loved them. I knew that’d come back to bite me.
  • On the topic of shows from my youth, I recently discovered a “Brony3” in my inner-circle. That he was embarrassed to admit his love of a TV show saddens me, though I’ll admit that I’m quite confused — maybe the new My Little Pony stuff is very different than what I grew up with.
  • I am giddy for the return of The Walking Dead, but I also lament the fact that everyone is now into the thing I like that, if I wanted to discuss openly, had to be done in hushed wispers in the back of a bar. I’ve had hours of discussions about zombie movies & zombie battle tactics & zombie lore. Now, you can just walk up to someone & talk about zombies & you’re not seen as “weird.”
  • I am pretty weird. Also, that last bullet point had lots of ampersands in it.

1 I don’t want to kill off the impression of how sexy I know you all find me, but when I’m stressed out, I get bad acne . . . and it doesn’t limit itself to my face, but all over my scalp and the back of my shoulders. Keeping my hair really, really short helps with the scalpne.

And I never, ever have to worry about doing my hair in the mornings.

2 What else was I going to do after classes? Study?
3 Male fan of My Little Ponies
  1. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

    I get the stress acne, too. Like whoa. It might not be a surprise to you that I haven’t had clear skin in about four months.

    Stupid body chemistry. Maybe I should clipper my hair…

    • The thing about taking the clipper to my hair is that I had the same hairstyle, all of the time, growing up. It’s quite a shock to look in the mirror.

      And, lately, the clipper isn’t working against the scalpne – so, not only do I have scalpne, but now other people can see it, so that’s totally not cool.

  2. You forgot the actually good afternoon cartoons, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, and Dark Wing Duck. Now I am off to check Netflix for them!

    • Yes! Classics! Though the heroes in a half shell will always hold a special place in my heart.

  3. I miss the days when people found out that I was into Zombies and said “Why?” Now everyone is and I don’t like it. I wrote my first Zombie story when I was ten. So many of these so called “zombie fans” annoy me because they just don’t get the passion behind it. Lets go zombie on them.

    • I’m pretty sure that most everyone around me would go quisling in the zombie insurrection.

  4. I was fortunate in my two plus years of therapy. I liked her and she really worked with me…in 50 minute increments. The fact you are taking finding the right person is progress, I promise.

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world; sushi people, and fools.

    • It took me forever to get started with sushi . . . now I’m pretty pissed off at myself for years of ignorance.

      And, yeah, therapy helped me, a whole lot, some time ago . . . I need to get back to a place where I’m feeling comfortable.

  5. I LOVE The Walking Dead! But we have only seen the 1st season. I need to catch up.

    • The second half of the second season starts in a few weeks — but, yeah, I love that series.

  6. -I love bulleted posts
    -I don’t think it gets better than breakfast foods and sushi
    -I think it’s progress. Definitely progress.


    • Good thing you love the bulleted posts, because I love writing them!

  7. An article on HTML could be entertaining if you sprinkled in pictures of Victoria’s Secret models, or – really – any women in bathing suits, in general.


  8. A post about HTML would make me smile. Just sayin.

    I eat breakfast for dinner at least 2-3 times a month. Mostly because I’m lazy and it’s easy to toss some eggs in a pan and bacon in the oven.

    I recently introduced Handsome to Fragle Rock on Netflix via Apple TV. He loves the show and I’m so fricken proud it’s not even funny!

    • Growing up, my dad absolutely forbade breakfast for dinner — so we only had it when he went on business trips. Now, I need to make it more often. Though, you’re right, that the cleanup after breakfast really sucks.

      And, yes, be proud of a Fraggle-loving son!

  9. My stomach is an equal-opportunity enjoy-er of meals.

    I like breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of day. Or simultaneously.

    In fact, I’m hungry now. But I’ve already eaten three times today. And it’s not quite 2:00.

    So what IS the right food for this situation?

    How about this:
    I’ll take everything you’ve got pictured there on the right. All of it.


    • I have been posting a lot of food pictures to Instagram, haven’t I?

      I need to start making sushi, myself — I have a feeling that I’d like it better, and I’d spend about 1/4 the cost. And it’s saying something that I have a sushi budget.

  10. i also think of The Rapists when I see the word “therapist” in it’s plural form.

    see also: no one will play SNL Trivial Pursuit with me because I know the answers to everything.

    • I’ll keep that in mind, if we ever end up at a game night together.

      Speaking of that – I really think, in the writers compound that we’re all picturing, the board game battles would be truly legendary.

  11. ooooh Breakfast food. I could also eat it all day long. In fact, I finally chose my tune up Half…Not Hershey….But a Half at vero beach where there is an all you can eat pancake breakfast after. Not only is it closer but there are pancakes. Much better than a chocolate aid station in my book. I will miss out on a cool medal though.

    • An all you can eat pancake breakfast would win out over a cool medal for me as well. Enjoy!

  12. Brony = brilliant.

    I love sushi too.

    I think any post can be improved with the addition of the word fuck. Therefore, keep that in mind with your html post – which I would read because I don’t understand it to save my life.

    • See, I’m pretty sure I’ll get you, at least, understanding the basics of HTML, even if you chose to not use them. But, you’re right, “fuck” improves most any post.

      F, for fragile
      U, for um
      C, for code
      K, for knowledgebase

  13. 1) I want to know about html.
    2) teenage mutant ninja turtles was awesome. But so was
    Thundercats and He Man.
    3) do you speak other languages?
    4) I can give you a run for your stressed out skin money. Not that they’d something to be proud of.

    • I’ve been convinced to wrap up & post the HTML post next Tuesday . . . we’ll see if I can get my ass in gear to do just that.

      I speak enough Spanish to know when someone is talking about me, in Spanish. I can understand a little Greek, and even less French or Italian.

  14. You had me at bacon. And then again at zombies. And then again at Strawberry Shortcake. Though I really prefer Rainbow Brite.

    • I thought the mish-mash of topics would be right up your alley 🙂

      I’m trying to remember . . . there was one day that I was making fun of Strawberry Shortcake & Rainbow Brite, and then I was making fun of the New Kids on the Block to piss her off . . . but I don’t remember which one was more prevalent in her collection.

      I never, though, made fun of the Care Bears because, secretly, I enjoyed them. And may have tried to un-grumpify parents with the Care Bear Stare.

      • I *loved* the Care Bears! Man, I can’t wait to have kids, so I can spend hours just watching all these shows and it’ll be at least 50% less pathetic.

  15. p.s. Totally thought of you when writing today’s post. ‘Cause I’m just mean like that.


  17. I just finished a story about an alcoholic family. Work out, don’t drink beer at the bar. Well, maybe once is ok 😉

    • It’s usually dinner at the bar . . . I know the bartender, we share pictures & stories of the kids . . . it’s far more social than “going to the bar to drink” sounds, on the surface.

      But, well, I’ve feared the amount that I’ve been drinking lately.

      I ended up sitting down at a Thai restaurant, taking my time eating, and writing a little. It was wonderful.

  18. I would so read your techie tuesday series.

    I am also VERY curious to know how you spent your ex-therapy time. I often wonder what I would do if I had that 45 minutes back + travel time.

    • I went to a Thai restaurant and took my time eating. Between bites, I would check up on Facebook or write a little, or just close my eyes & admire the silence.

  19. It’s like we’re the same person. Although possibly, at this point in my life, I have a thicker mustache than you do. Sad really. But I love breakfast, and sushi, and Netflix for forcing my children to get over their obsession with bad TV. We watched Annie this weekend. The original one. My middle son is still dancing around the house to hard knocks life.

    • I <3 the original Annie . . . though it's very different when doing the musical, as Punjab isn't in it . . . and I loved Punjab.

  20. I would totally read your techie posts and eat sushi daily. Was going to ask how you spent your therapy-free time but just read it above.

    • with any luck, I’ll have my first techie post next Tuesday . . . and, yeah, if I could, I’d eat sushi all of the time. Though, I imagine that, after awhile, you’d get sick of it. I can’t actually picture that, though.

  21. I have a boxed set of She-Ra episodes. I thought I would make my kids a fan. Didn’t work.

    • My son is really, really into He-Man now . . . She-Ra is also streamed by Netflix, but we just never got into those . . . I’m thinking, this weekend, I’m going to find the He-Man/She-Ra crossover.

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