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Where I answer Natalie’s eleven questions

by John on February 14th, 2012

So, Natalie of Mommy of a Monster (and Twins) fame (though I find the title of her blog amusing, because it really seems that Tater is a really great kid . . . while the twins are the actual monsters, but when you register a domain, you register it for life) put out 11 seemingly random questions . . . and since I’m stuck in meetings all day and can’t put out a real post, here goes . . .

  1. Wine, Red or White?

    Red red red red red. Lately, I’ve been in an old-vine zinfandel kick, but I can always be talked into a shiraz, or a pinot noir, or a cabernet . . .

  2. What is your favorite wine or libation?
    My favorite, or what do I drink the most of? Because those are very different and I’m very, very cheap. However, I can go through glasses bottles of Pinot Evil’s Pinot Noir . . . and I do love my Scotch (McCallan).
  3. Have you been to any wineries or wine tasting?

    Most certainly – most recently, through a tour of the wineries in northern Virginia (where I’m running a half marathon in just a little bit). My absolute favorite was driving through the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, stopping at every winery we passed along the way.

  4. Favorite pair of shoes?

    I have a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars that I wear to work. I have a pair of black leather dress shoes that I wear when I’m “dressing up” (either for an important meeting at work or for church or for a wedding). I have Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s to run in. I wear Keen sandles (or am barefoot) most any other time.

  5. What is your morning drink?

    Coffee. Lots of it, with a tiny bit of cream and, if I’ve worked out, a little bit of sugar. I know it’s not good for me, but I do use the fake sugar when I’m looking to maintain a calorie deficit.

  6. Tattoos, body piercings, or both, and where?

    I have a single, but large tattoo on my lower leg, with plans for a tattoo sleeve in the near future. I do have four piercings, but my web hosting arrangement forbids me from giving more details than that.

  7. Favorite dessert?

    Blueberry pie with whipped cream. Or a good, crumbly coffee cake. But, honestly, I’d be quite content, at the end of a meal, eating a large plate of fresh fruit.

  8. What is your dream vacation — money is no object!

    While the idea of an all-inclusive stay in a lush tropical villa sounds truly divine . . . I’d love to cycle across Ireland or backpack across Europe. If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I love meeting people — and a slow pace through beautiful country side, with wineries & breweries along the way, sounds right up my alley.

  9. If you won the lottery…

    I like to think that I wouldn’t change too much. I’d redo the kitchen and master bedroom in my house, hire a full-time gardener/maid so that I never had to mow the lawn, clean up, or do laundry again, put aside enough so that my kids didn’t have to worry about college. If there was still money left, I’d buy a simple vacation home at the beach. And I’d get whatever tattoos I wanted.

  10. Do you talk to yourself? If so, do you answer yourself too?

    I guess I shouldn’t say that I’m reading these questions and answering them, as if I’m having a conversation in my head?

  11. Would you ever sneak a giant metal rooster into your house?

    If only to ask people, when they come to visit, if they’d like to see m giant cock — yes. yes, I would.

  1. It’s been far too long since I’ve been on a wine tour in Oregon….

    And yes, why the hell wouldn’t someone put a giant metal chicken in their house?

    • I really think one of us needs to win the lottery and then fly out for a massive wine tour adventure.

  2. Oh yes….I’d get a maid too. No more laundry sounds like a dream come true!!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    • Happy to give the shoutout.

      When I bought my first house, I hired a cleaning service. It was, honestly, one of the best investments I ever made.

  3. What is the tattoo of on your leg and what do you want on your arm?

  4. NOT ONE of these answers surprised me. I totally had you pegged for a fruit pie kinda guy.

    Also, I could almost copy and paste this as my own. (my Chucks are red, btw).

  5. mmmm wine tours. That is my fave way to spend a vacation. We did the Finger Lakes in upstate NY one summer and it remains one of my fave vacations of all time.

    But I am a white wine gal. Rieslings, Piniot Grigio, Moscatto…give me the sweet stuff, yo.

    I also have plans for another tat…this time on my arm.

    • You know, my sister tried to talk me into a wine tour of upper NY, and I couldn’t make it happen . . . she loved it. But, then she did Napa and, apparently, all other wine regions are inferior.

      But, really, combine tasty tasty wine, and a little bit of tipsiness, and good times, and low stress, and some good food . . . well, that sounds like the ingredients to a perfect vacation.

  6. Hee.

    Giant metal chickens. You kill me, every time.

  7. I love your last answer!

    • Of course — I mean, the internet needs more talk of giant metal cocks!

  8. See…I thought I was the only one whose dream vacation would include exercise and wine…

    I would LOVE to do the Marathon du Medoc in France…
    26.2 miles through the Bordeaux region? Awesome.

    (I think. Or nauseating. Either way, I’m just the lady to find out!)

    I can so imagine the post-race meal. Not to mention the during-the-race tastings. Who needs a PR? Not moi.

    p.s. My grandma makes a KILLER coffee cake. Just so you know…

    • The only real experience I’ve had with drinking and heavy exercise was during RAGBRAI, where I would bike between 80 & 120 miles / day in 90+ degree heat . . . and all I wanted was to drink watery light beer at the end.

      I really wonder if my love & need for wine, preferably full-bodied, would be able to withstand a marathon.

      And the signs that your grandmother & I are must meet continue to appear . . .

  9. Oh, John, you don’t surprise me with your answers. Other than the piercings.
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. SNORT to #11!

    And I’m an ONLY red girl, myself. Might have had something to do with a bad experience with white . . . hey – I think there’s a blog post idea!

  11. We have drink differences, friend.

    I love white wine and McCallan is Jason’s favorite, too and the smell= too much for me.


    Fun learning more about you here! 🙂

    • That’s the fun of these types of posts . . . completely off the wall.

      And I have nothing against white-wine-drinkers . . . just, well, I’m not one, myself.

  12. oooh la la! you had me at ‘piercings.’ 😉

    • I had one, now I have four — probably not going to get any more, though I’m tempted to pierce something a bit more mainstream, like my ear.

  13. I wish I could wear shoes like that to work. Looking professional is tiring. But I was glad to get out of scrubs.

    Also I am in need of another tattoo. I need that lottery money.

    • I spent about 45 minutes just talking shop & tattoos at a tattoo parlor yesterday. I really wish I had more skin, and more money, and more time.

  14. You’re clearly stronger than I. I’m a wuss and have no tats. Someday thought I’d like a teeny tiny something (like literally a little dot or something) on my shoulder. Just so I can say yeah, I have a tattoo. (yeah, I’m THAT lame)

  15. I think we’d do the same thing if we won the lottery. Keep it simple. And for the record, I often talk to myself.

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