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Where I write about how this blog came to be

by John on March 13th, 2012

At one time, my online presence was little more than MySpace. See, I was teaching night computer classes at a technical school, and all of the kids, once I dismissed them for lab time, the kids would work on their MySpace profiles . . . you know, once they finished the highly engrossing activities I had given them, getting them to establish and maneuver directory structures in MS/DOS.

I opened a MySpace account, just to see what these kids were into . . . and then I didn’t touch the damn thing. But, there was this “blog” thing in MySpace, and you could write stuff for other people to read . . . and I ignored it. Then the Facebook rage started — I had no intention of ever creating a Facebook account . . . but one of my high school friends, who I had lost contact with, but re-found contact via email, told me that her husband posted all of the pictures of her kids to Facebook. And she has really cute kids . . . so I created my Facebook account. Facebook had this “Notes” application, where you could write long missives entries for everyone to read. But, still, it didn’t feel “like mine.”

So, then I created an account on — I was just starting to get serious about cycling, and I wanted a place to post my stories. And, I did . . . until I didn’t. Really, when you’re writing about only one thing, well, it’s difficult. So, the blog lagged, and I stopped cycling as much, and I started to put on weight. And, then I realized that I didn’t need my blog to be a one-trick pony, I could write about “being healthy.”

I re-launched the blog . . . and I posted, and I got a little snarkier, but I wrote, mostly, about diet & exercise. And the blog lagged.

Then I found Twitter, and Twitter fed me some new bloggy life — I’d post more often, but it was difficult to really post. And then two things happened quickly. I got pissed off at Blogger when a glitch disallowed comments, and I decided to change my Twitter handle from @johnbatzer to @daddyrunsalot. And, with that handle change, I decided to change my blog.

Sure, I’d still write about eating right and working out, but those would just be a few of the things that I’d do here. I’d also write about boobs, and nachos, and writing, and techy stuff, and work, and boobs, and cheese puffs, and boobs, and zombies, and running, and vacations, and my kids, and boobs, and midget porn, and drinking, and boobs, and boobs.


Anywho, it’s been a fun ride since I’ve been here . . . when I launched the Misadventures of Daddy Runs a Lot, I was hoping to still be writing . . . simply that. When I write, my life is better. Now that I have a band legion a handful of followers to like to read what I’m putting out — well, there’s a reason bloggers to this thing. πŸ™‚

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  1. I should have known it would all come down to boobs…


    Happy blogoversary!

  2. I actually love that you can share everything you do in such a non-threatening manner. I’m not sure every guy could put the word boob in a sentence that many times and get away with it. You? Can.

    So glad we’ve met and happy you are part of the link up.

    • Hey – I’m a pervert . . . but I’m a respectful pervert. I’m glad that comes across in my writing πŸ˜‰

      And, yes, I’m very glad that our paths have crossed.

  3. Our evolutions are so different. Move Over Mary Poppins! started out on a Friendster blog and moved to Blogger a few months later, and now I, too am all self-hosted and chugging along… I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for so long!

    • Wow – Friendster, I completely forgot about that as a social media venue. Damn.

      It’s been a pretty wild year πŸ™‚

  4. You guys turning 1. So sweet. So innocent.

    Yes, I said innocent when commenting to you.

  5. Your fans are truly legion, friend.

  6. Ahh, boobs. Who could live without boobs? Lmao!

  7. –Men & Boobs. Boobs & Men.

    …and I thought you’d be different. HaAaaa

    Happy Blogosversary. You’ve come a long way, baby. x

    • Oh, believe me, I am “different.” But, I do love me some boobs πŸ™‚

  8. Boobs…why does this not surprise me at all?

    Also, you have a lot of women readers….that’s a lot of boobs, my friend.

    • Yes, nearly all of my readers are women — I think it’s because I have no issues being the lone man in the women’s locker room, or something like that πŸ˜‰

      Honestly, it’s because, when push comes to shove, this is a parenting blog, and the vast majority of parent bloggers are those with breasts (including me, I have impressive moobs).

  9. Thanks for being so honest about how much you love writing about boobs. See, of all the things you mentioned, boobs seemed to be the one that made a lasting impression. Maybe I should mention boobs more often in my blog, seeing that it’s so eye-catching? Hm, good idea there, John!

    Anyhoo, happy blogversary to you! Here’s wishing you many more years of successful blogging (about boobs). Happy to be celebrating this special occasion in such great company! πŸ™‚

  10. Happy blogiversary, John!

    (I’m so glad that this heartfelt post was laced with boobs. it just wouldn’t be the same without that, would it? :))

    • If you can define me through my thought process, I’m a heartfelt guy who really loves boobs πŸ™‚

  11. Everyone’s all caught up in the boobs…

    I just saw “cheese puffs”.

    So hHooray for celebrations, no matter what form they take!

    • Mmmmmmm, cheese puff. Are you a crunchy or puffy preferrer? I’m a crunchy guy.

  12. Happiest of Blogiversaries to my favorite dude.
    (My fingers typed dood, boob, dudo…wth?)

    So glad to have been along for the journey and look forward to what the road brings you. (As long as there is beer, cheese puffs and boobs.)

    Only a little off topic, I heard about a Boob Slapping Beauty shop in Bangkok this morning and thought of you. I thought you should know.

    • Well, you know that my life isn’t complete without a little slap & tickle πŸ˜‰

      And thank you.

  13. you had me at boobs.

    Glad I stumbled across you via the Cameron. I enjoy your words and your guy presence on the innertwitterwebz, there’s so few of us around, it seems.

    keep the posts coming. You’re a heckuva guy.

    • Thanks – you, too . . . there are few that I get a chance to read regularly, but your posts always seem to rise to the top (partially because I marvel at your ability to not go crazy at cheerleader competitions)

  14. “When I write, my life is better.” Amen to that.

    • Yeah — there are a few ways that I can “let the pressure out” and writing seems to be the most effective outlet.

      And, thankfully, people seem to enjoy the output when I do write – so it’s a win/win πŸ™‚

  15. Ah, yes, the boobs. And the nachos. Which I could really use the recipie for. I’m so glad you ‘came back.’ As I dig around in the archives of my brain I can remember when you were something like ‘john’s get healthy plan’ and inspired me then.

    • Have I not blogged my nachos?! That is something that needs to be remedied.

      I didn’t realize you read through the “Get Healthy Plan.” I’ve actually been looking through some of those posts . . . my writing was still looking for “it’s voice,” but I actually have some decent stuff from back then.

  16. I know I am tardy in saying so, but YAY to you and your blog! I know I “found” you later than most, but I am so glad I did. Love your words. So fun, so good, so witty.

    and boobs. he he. always a good topic.

    • Really, is there a “right” time to find a blog? Well, I mean, other than after the blogger has stopped writing . . . so very glad our paths have crossed πŸ™‚

  17. You know, I always see your little avatar in the comments section of my blog friends – it stands out because you’re, well, male – and I think to myself, “Who is this guy? And why doesn’t he comment on MY blog?” And I think I may follow you on Twitter (because again, you comment on all my friends’ blogs) but since I never see you on there, I’ve never actually had the chance to get to know you. So, when I saw that you were a part of this anniversary link-up, I thought, “A-HA! Now I will finally get to the bottom of this mystery wrapped in an enigma!”

    And so it seems I have. And the answer seems to all come down to… boobs.

    I can live with that. I once wrote a post about my own boobs. We should get along great.

    • You know, I think I’ve seen your blog name around, but I’ve never visited . . . so that’s rectified now πŸ™‚

      I’ll look up your post about your jubblies . . . but, honestly, while I mention boobs far more than I probably should, I usually do it for a laugh (though I’m a big believer that there should be fewer taboo topics, and body image & parts are among those)

      • Is there any other reason to mention the word ‘boobs’ than for a laugh? πŸ˜‰

        My post about my own was actually a guest post for Kludgy Mom last summer – you can find it on my She Writes page. And thanks for the visit and the comment. Nice to finally “meet” you!

  18. I love reading your writing. As the boobs in your life, I’m glad they still keep your interest.

  19. I need to talk about boobs more.

  20. Perfectly, simply put. Such efficient language:

    When I write, my life is better.

    I agree…I sleep the deepest sleep of a job well done when I feel I got a good post in. Writing is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in my life. Ever.

  21. When I write my life is better too. What’s even more awesome is that when you write, you can make someone else’s life better too.
    Happy Blogiversary.
    And by this time next year… legion, LEGION baby!

    • You know, it’s so easy to forget that, by writing, I can actually make things better for others. I need to remember that, every now & then. Thanks for supplying the reminder (honestly, despite my outward confidence, I do have a slight fear that people only read my blog to appease me — I know it’s beyond silly, and I can talk myself out of those thoughts pretty easily)

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