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Where I think I equate silence to an orgasm

by John on March 14th, 2012

Continuing my parade of guest posts, we have what may be one of my favorite posts, ever. And not only because it appears at the blog of a hot momma friend whose blog name is one that I envy. See, Quasi Agitato means “kinda sorta like agitated” which kind of describes me, far too much of the time.

The assignment was open ended, but her being her, and me being me, it surely should be musical in nature. And, as anyone who has worked in music with anyone past puberty, music and sex cannot be separated. So, I think that’s how I came up with my guest post at Quasi Agitato. Won’t you stop on by?

  1. It is hot indeed! Thanks for sharing your passion with me, John. Or a couple of them anyway…you have several 😉

    • I do have several — but I’m glad to share the most fervent at your place 🙂

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