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Where I dust off this old blog of mine

by John on May 16th, 2012

I’m tired (for reasons which will soon be exposed), so we’ll go bullet point style, again1

  • I woke up at 4 this morning to take a conference call. I’m part of a large project, with a strict, quickly-approaching deadline, and the person who is leading the project is in the UK — so a 4:30 conference call sucks, but it kind-of makes sense. I dialed into the conference call just a few minutes early.

    Time passed.

    Eventually, the kind voice of the operator said to contact the conference call originator, and I was disconnected.

    The dude was on the east coast of the US and had not updated the timezone on his laptop when he sent out the invite.


  • In the “found time,” though, I did manage to get a workout in . . . I have two half marathon in a few weeks (which I, seriously, can’t believe that it’s nearly June) and, well “moving” is always better than “not moving” as you prepare for something like that. So, I pedaled on my spinning bike while watching Dr. Who. I need to pay more attention when people say “you really need to be watching…” because, well, I never do.

    I played catch-up with The Wire — I actually could have started watching it from the beginning, but chose not to because I was living in Baltimore at the time, and I didn’t need a reminder about how shitty the city I was in was. Then, I started watching because the series was ending and those who were really into TV couldn’t believe it. So, I started watching, and was immediately hooked.

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, Omar Little is the greatest character in the history of television.

    Anyway, what other shows are out there that I “need to see” and have been too stupid to watch? I hear Downtown Abbey will suck anyone in, but I haven’t watched a single episode. Mad Men I tried to enjoy, but just couldn’t get past it. Game of Thrones is reminding me of how much I didn’t like the last book, so I’m avoiding it. The Walking Dead, of course, is “must see” in my house.

    And now I’m spending all of my free time watching episodes of the re-launch of Doctor Who, streamed on Netflix.

  • On the topic of half-marathons, I managed three runs last week . . . 7.5 miles, 7.5 miles, and 4.0 miles. Both of the longer runs could have been longer, but I was at home, and I needed to get ready for work. Still, though, knowing that I have a 7.5 that I can pull out of my ass tells me that I can probably run a 13.1 without really concerning myself.
  • I’m still working my way to the gym as often as possible. During the same trip last week, someone continued to ask for help with the machines on the Planet Fitness 30 minute circuit . . . see, I’m a guy who smiles a whole lot, so I look helpful. But, in the same workout, someone else asked me if I’m a MMA fighter. Um, no, ma’am, I am not a MMA fighter, but I think I’ll take that as a compliment.
  • I’ve ordered the Expo Pass to BlogHer 12, despite the fact that I have a penis and I’m not 100% that “my kind” are really, truly invited to the event. My thinking is that many of you have mentioned that you’ll be there . . . and I can’t not go and have a drink with the Internets. And, while attending BlogHer proper is tempting, it’s expensive. Plus, while I would love to make myself “a real blogger” and do shit like “build a firm readerbase” and “make money” and “not come across like a douchebag,” the actual paying to head to the conferences tells me that I’d have to pay attention & take notes & stuff, while I’d rather just daydream about boobs hang out with the likes of you.
  • Jessica / @smedette may be the most awesome person in the history of people. Thanks to her, it looks like I might have a decent garden this year. You should read her blog.

  • 1 When it’s been awhile since you’ve posted, it’s always easy to head back to the well for your easiest gimmick posts.
  1. So excited to hear you will be at BlogHer! I will be going up on Wednesday afternoon since I am speaking on Thursday during the HealthMinder Day. But I bought the expo pass for the rest of the conference because apparently speaking gets you only a pass for the day of your speech…not the whole conference. #sadpanda

    • Yeah, I know the powers that be at BlogHer are not exactly giving with free passes, but I’m, honestly surprised that you’re not a voice of the year nominee.

      Anyway, though, it will be fun to have a few drinks with you!

  2. Woohoo!

    I hope the weather and other powers-that-be stay conducive to your gardening adventures!

    I went to the gym today…haven’t been in a while. Jesus, tomorrow is going to suck.

    • You know, while I hate the day-after sore, if I haven’t been to the gym in awhile, I love it the day after. Now that I’m going regularly, I kind-of don’t notice it, and that makes me sad.

      I’ll be very loud around these parts as soon as my first garden harvest comes in. And we start our CSA on May 22!

  3. Did you do couch to 5k, by any chance? I’m totally planning that this summer. I am a serious NON runner and am a little concerned about how I’m going to accomplish.

    • I started with Couch to 5k — I was going “by the book” for awhile until I sprained my ankle right before W3D1. So, I took a few weeks off, and then went right back there . . . but W3D1 sucks if you haven’t been running.

      Anyway, I forced myself through the 3rd week, despite the fact that I could barely breathe at the end of those half-hour workouts, and then just slowly started adding distance, walking if I ever got as tired as I did during the end of the W3D1 workout.

      It’s funny, I’ve run three full marathons, but I still think I’m most proud of myself for running for 5 whole minutes without stopping.

  4. I got bursitis in my left knee (what, am I 100 years old?) and stopped running for a month hoping the swelling would go down.

    When I got hip bursitis (yes. old) it took several months, but the pain went away and never came back. This time, with the knee, I had no pain so I figured hooray! Should be better in no time.

    Bill said, “If there’s no pain, just run.” I said, “Shut up. I mean thanks for the support.”


    I stopped running for a month but swelling stayed. Apparently I have no injury to the knee (according to the orthopedist) and can run. (Like Bill said. Yep.)

    Too bad the knee is really ugly for shorts/sundress season and my running is now shit. But I suppose I should be glad my knee is fine. Just swollen.

    I am so jealous of your half marathons right now but SO happy you get to run them. One of us shouldn’t be old with bursitis.

    Good luck with the tired thing. I hear that goes away when the kids leave for college.


    • I hate to say it, but I don’t know if I know my body well enough to recognize if I had swelling without injury. I mean, if I was able to put my pants on without thinking “hey, my knee is in the way,” I don’t know if I’d ever know that my knee were three times its normal size.

      I have been dealing with some residual hip/lower back issues from my fall the other week — it doesn’t affect me when I run, but it does affect me when I stand up, so I feel old. Except that I can run and run and run.

      I’m finding half-marathons to actually be my happy distance . . . I have my body in such a place where I don’t have to stress about the distance, I get a good workout, and I still have some juice at the end (but don’t have to feel guilty about going overboard at the post-race spread, because I just ran 13.1 miles). I really hope to get myself to the place where I can just “up and run” 26.2, but I can’t ever imagine that I’ll be in a place where “oh, I’m just going out for a 4 hour run” will be part of my vocabulary.

  5. you’re going to be hanging at the expo at blogher? Well damn for my not going this year.

    also? reading about all the running makes me tired. and in need of a beer.

    • I am — I was really hoping that you’d be there this year, but then thought that you went last year, and had a great time, and then had a baby, so you probably wouldn’t be back this year . . . anyway, when I’m rich & famous, I’m going to open a writer/blogger compound on some tropical island and have a rotating vacation coop. We’ll meet then 🙂

  6. Ok, first, damn the man for not updating the conference call, but glad you got a workout in. That’s crazy early! Second, what’s an expo pass and when does that mean you’ll be there? It looks like I’ll be going and I’m going to need a drink a with you. Also, does that mean Duffy is going, too??

    • I saw that man today — he was apologetic, but only barely so. I wanted to punch him. But, in all honesty, while it was early, it wasn’t really early for me, as that’s when I typically work out. It’s just having to put myself in “work mode” at that time is really, really no fun.

      As far as BlogHer – the Expo pass gives you access to the vendor exhibits and the cocktail parties . . . but none of the conferences or keynote speeches. Basically, it’s all of the stuff that everyone does when they’re not learning how to be a better blogger. It’s not that I don’t want to go to those lectures, it’s just that I know I wouldn’t put anything I learned into practice.

      And yes, Duffy will be there, too 🙂

  7. You are such an inspiration. Also, I actually bought a conf pass to BlogHer this year. Which is silly crazy, and I keep considering selling it. ‘Cause all those people? Saying all those things? I don’t know, it just seems a little crazy.

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