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Where I force the disjointed thoughts out of my head

by John on June 28th, 2012
  • There has been minimal-to-no bounceback from the weight-loss when I was sick. Therefore, I’m claiming that most of the weight-loss was more-related to my lack of alcohol than the actual sickness.
  • There were a shit-ton of hyphens in that first bullet point.
  • After drinking far too much over the camping weekend, I’m giving my liver a break for the week. And, I fear, because of that, I gave myself an excuse to eat like absolute crap yesterday . . . I’m really, really not proud of the food decisions I made. But, damn, are Doritos delicious or what?
  • Next week is tech-week for the Carlisle Summerfest Musical, (The Pajama Game). It’s going to be a very, very long week, as that many rehearsals make me tired.
  • If you’re local to Central PA, or just feel like driving out to Carlisle – the musical is free (just make sure you arrive a bit early to guarantee a seat — see, with a free performance, sometimes every seat gets taken for a performance), and it looks like it’s going to be pretty good. And, I’ll be playing bass in the pit, and who doesn’t want to see that?
  • As I was making the rounds before leaving work this morning, I kissed Duffy, then CJ, and then went to kiss Leila. She said “No kiss, daddy,” and proceeded to push my face away as I went to kiss her. While I know she was just playing around (she was giggling the whole time she did it), this hurt my feelings more than I like to admit.
  • I woke up on Tuesday with a swollen ankle. Now, my Mondays are crazy, and I had pushed myself hard at the gym, but I don’t recall doing anything that could have left me with an ankle sprain like the one I had. Because of this, I haven’t run this week. My crazy seems to increase whenever I cannot run or write. I’d put the warning level at “fuchsia.”
  • CJ has been ultra-cuddly as of late (which really helps when dealing with a daughter who decides it’s fun to withhold kisses) — sometimes, he’ll just be in the middle of whatever he’s doing (like having action figures attack each other, or pounding “bad guys” into pulp on the Wii), stop, and come up for a hug. I know this won’t last, but it’s sure good for right now.
  • Leila has entered a tutu phase. Seriously, the only thing that you can get her to wear, aside from a tutu, is zebra print. This means, on Monday into Tuesday, she wore a tutu for something like 36 straight hours. And she’s really, really liking the color pink. I’m not one to try to dictate what my kids want, but I’m not really sure I was ready for a “girly girl.”
  • Speaking of things I’m not really sure about, while I fear there might be a “of course my kids are going to be great” in it, I really think my kids are going to be among the ultra-good-looking when they get to school. CJ has the bluest of eyes, really curly hair, and dimples that you can use to measure out shots with. Leila has penetrating brown eyes, hair that is falling into ringlets, and the quickest smile I’ve ever seen on a toddler. I have absolutely zero personal experience of being “the good looking kid” in school. And now I fear I’m going to have to raise two of them.
  • If I had an extra hour in every day, I’d be taking regular yoga classes. If I had two extra hours in every day, I’d take regular yoga classes and I’d re-enroll myself in Kung Fu. If I had three extra hours in every day, though, I think I’d sleep in and start swimming more regularly.
  • There is a potential sprint triathlon around the corner that I need to figure out if I want to sign up for now, or not. I haven’t been seriously swimming since the last sprint triathlon; while I can probably shave 10 minutes off of the cycle time, and 5 minutes off of the run time, from last year’s triathlon, I fear my elapsed time will actually increase.
  • I have had “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” stuck in my head all day.
  1. I now have Do Wah Diddy Diddy stuck in my head…

    But this is irrelevant in the face of what you’re dealing with:
    Raising a good-looking daughter who likes zebra print.

    Good luck with that.

    p.s. There’s no such thing as too many hyphens.

    • So, I’m really, really late on getting back to blog comments, and I completely forgot about my hypen-friendly bullet point, so I see your last line and I read “there’s no such thing as too many hymens” and, yeah, let’s just say that, well, my brain is not where it should be.

      Give me a sec.

      Ok, I’m back.

      I think my favorite little bit about my daughter loving zebra print was when we took her to the zoo, and she saw a zebra. I’m fairly convinced that she didn’t think they were real until then.

  2. This makes me miss having a father even more than ever today.

    What a presence dads have in a child’s life.

  3. “But, damn, are Doritos delicious or what?” YES THEY ARE!!! Have you ever done the Dorito taco bag? You should it’s also a great hangover food. 😉

    • You know, I never have done the Doritos taco bag. I saw them, for the first time when I was riding RAGBRAI, and every place was offering “walking tacos.” Of course, I was a vegetarian at the time, so I wasn’t eating them (instead, opting for deep fried cheese curds), but I hear the Doritos Bag tacos make for a wonderful hangover cure.

  4. 1. Yes, Doritos ARE delicious. You’re human.
    2. There should be a warning level for when you start using words like Fuchsia.
    3. Yes to sprint tris! I haven’t swam more than a handful of time since my last one and I’m doing one again in October. Don’t get me started on the cycling. But yes, there will be serious time shaving… you can do it too.
    4. Guess what workout you can do when your ankle is fucked up? I’ll give you one hint: rhymes with wimming.
    5. EMBRACE THE CUDDLES. Oh for more cuddling. SIGH.
    6. Yes to yoga and cross training and sleeping and other things done in beds.
    7. And good looking kids… when they’re developing their personalities they only have you to tell them. By the time the opposite sex figures it out, their character shouldn’t be affected. (crossing fingers). *this is my BSing out my ass. *I have no idea what I’m talking about.
    8. Good luck with the girly stuff. I got nothin.
    9. Ooh, and the no kiss daddy stuff… Maddy did that to Adonis. I know it hurts but its a phase. Whew.

    Also: can you tell I miss my blog? Damn, broken blog.

    • See, I know you say that you were an awkward kid, but I always see you as the “unbelievably hot girl who doesn’t quite understand just how hot she is.” But, that might be me projecting random thoughts back onto you.

      And, while I’m fairly confident that I can raise kids who are attractive and not assholes (which is a HUGE worry as I think about my kids being good looking), my bigger fear is how to provide guidance to kids for whom the opposite sex is actively seeking out their companionship.

      • Oh..I “GOT” the hotness…when there was hotness. Where do you think all my tales come from: EXPERIENCE! There is just enough awkwardness to keep me grounded….that and the desk job flattened ass.
        So, having said that, my immature response to having attractive kids is: You go! Get it! Seriously, the Dude is a total panty dropper.
        What I HOPE I’ll be able to do is play the fact that they each have a sibling of the opposite sex and they shouldn’t treat their dates/friends/mates any differently than they would want their sibling treated. *Crossing fingers it works.

  5. i love dorritos.

    i love tutus and wish I had one. I am not even kidding. I have never owned a tutu and I am more than a little upset about this fact.

    thanks a LOT for the earworm.

    • And now I know what to tell Cort to get you for your birthday, if he ever comes to me asking for gift-giving advice.

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