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by John on November 27th, 2012

It’s snowing, so I’m using that as an excuse to bring out the bullet points. Again. Because that’s what I do.

  • I ran a Turkey Trot 10k over Thanksgiving. Why, oh why, in a packed race, where there are clearly delimited starting areas for runners of every speed, would you choose to walk, while pushing a stroller, and talking on your cell phone, in the far left?
  • No, I’m not bitter, at all, about finishing 6 seconds behind my target time (I finished in 55:06)
  • I hate “there & back again” races, just because it’s demoralizing to see runners working their way “back again”, while I’m still working on my way “there.”
  • CJ, for the past several months, has referred to himself as Batman. Aside from being Batman for Halloween, he plays Lego Batman on the Wii in every chance he gets, would watch the Adam West Batman movie on continuous loop if he were allowed, has me play the theme to the Adam West Batman TV show whenever I’m sitting at the piano1. In fact, he’ll walk up to any poster with Batman on it, point to it, and shout “look, it’s me!” So, naturally, when I gave Duffy a replica Sonic Screwdriver for her birthday last Sunday, CJ took it and demanded to be referred to as The Doctor, and has been sonic-screwdriving his way through everything.
  • I’m really wondering if my son’s geekiness is nature or nurture.
  • We opened an early Christmas present last night. It was a very large, stuffed giraffe. Leila, upon seeing it, shouted out “Zeeba!” So, our stuffed giraffe is now named Zebra.
  • You can’t type zebra without typing bra . . . so, yes, I am thinking about boobs.
  • It is amazing how much food, after the initial “I’m done” at dinner, either of my children will eat in order to receive a piece of candy.
  • I kind of like the fact that my kids get excited for parties. And that the thing they get most excited about, when they head to a party, is not the presents but the cake.
  • I’m giving serious thought to a “detox diet,” but the thought of caffeine withdrawal scares the everliving shit out of me.
  • I’m not a big one on new year’s resolutions, but I am giving serious thought to targeting a full marathon and a 100 mile bike ride, once a month, for 2013. I believe, if I can get my body doing those on a regular basis, any diet decisions will just work themselves out (because, getting myself ready to run and bike such distances would require regular maintenance runs & rides).
  • With my kids getting bigger, and the Appalachian Trail running through my town, I believe I’m going to start hiking as a regular summer activity.
  • Both the Gaming Store and the MMA gym closed during the same month at the mall closest to work. I always liked to think about nerds gaming enthusiasts hanging out, playing Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering and getting very, very quiet when the gym closed, just to avoid gathering the attention of the exiting muscleheads.
  • With it snowing, I really want to be sitting on a tropical beach, with a cold drink in hand, my toes being tickled by ocean foam. And that has me thinking about what I want to do to allow myself to live such daydreams. And I’m certain that I just need to write a bestselling novel, or write a hit song, or a “wait list only” Broadway musical . . . so I guess I should start working on that.

1 While I’m incredibly happy that my kids are now making requests for what I’m playing, and are even showing signs of wanting to play, themselves, that damn song makes my left hand really, really tired2.
2 For that thing you’re actively thinking about, I use my right hand3.
3 Pervert.
  1. I guess we’ll know about the geekiness if the perviness manifests.

    • The scary thing is that I think the perviness is already manifesting.

  2. congrats on the turkey 10k. I was cheering for you here in georgia while stuffing my pie hole with pumpkin pie.

    the geeky and pervy combine to form badass

    • There was actually someone dressed as a turkey on the course. I wish I was as cool as her.

  3. Ok, two things: I love your bullet lists. And how… HOW did I not see your sidebar with my campaign on it?


    One more thing: How on earth will you carry home the one million hugs to Duffy and those scrumptious babies of yours that I intend on handing over in a week? Zebra the Giraffe… I am slain!

    • I’m working on top-secret hug transport mechanisms…

      I was proud to have your sidebar 🙂

  4. I’ve done detox dieting. And in the name of all that is Holy, do not give up the caffeine. I repeat, DO NOT give up the caffeine.

  5. The footnotes. Are why I subscribed to your blog in the first place and why I smile when I see your posts in my inbox. (That’s what she said.)

  6. SO ENVIOUS about Appalachian Trail hiking. I’ve always wanted to be not-lazy enough to do that.

    • When I was in college, we’d spend random weekends on the Appalachian Trial, and I’ll admit that the thought of a thru-hike excites me to no end. Of course, that’s not happening any time soon — but, if I can convince my kids to either love hiking or biking, when they’re graduating high school or college, one or both of them will either be biking across the US or hiking the Appalachian trial with me.

  7. A marathon a month? AND 100-mile bike rides?

    I bow down to you.

    (And I also think you’d better keep drinking coffee.)

    p.s. I’ve been so out of touch on my blog hiatus and your place is one of the things I miss most. Hope your family is well and happy and that the holidays are bringing you all much joy. XO

    • You’ve been missed — a whole heckuva lot.

      We’ll see if I can see my endurance thoughts to fruition. I just know that, when I’m really pushing myself, physically, I instinctively eat the right foods and drink enough water, and, really, just do all of the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing, naturally. And I only push myself when i have something that I’m actively looking toward.

      We’ll see if I’m able to keep my word on this. It’s 22 miles from church to home, so I may just start running that on a quasi-regular basis . . . the 100 miles, that’s actually much easier for me (though it takes more time, and time is somewhat precious around these parts)

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