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Where I notice a horrendous smell

by John on February 19th, 2013

I’m on my way into work this morning, minding my own business, driving while talking myself out of stopping at any place that might sell breakfast food (because I had bacon on my mind) when the smell hits. At first, I thought maybe I had passed some gas . . . normally, I’m pretty aware of when & how severely I fart, but I guess it’s possible that one would sneak without my notice.

Then I started thinking about my truck. Did I blow a hose, and is this what hot brake fluid smells like1? Did I run over a skunk? Did the couple of post-workout, sweaty t-shirts mate, making smelly miniature t-shirts?

Seriously, did I fart?

I just, kind-of, kept to myself on my way into the office, until I heard other people complaining . . . and, with that, I figured that I must have, either, smelled really bad, or it was something else, entirely.

My office borders farm land — we’re hearing that it’s a new, liquidized pig manure that was sprayed overnight. As if my job wasn’t bad enough to begin with, I am now working in a stench that is pervasive.

1 I am, woefully, ignorant about most anything to do with a car . . . I can perform some maintenance: change a tire or a headlight, and I’ve changed my oil (though I would much rather pay someone to do it for me), but for anything more advanced than that, I just, plain, don’t know.

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  1. Cameron permalink


  2. But hey, you’re no longer thinking about bacon, are ya?

  3. Ewww. Sorry.

    We noticed a stench on Sunday, and sure enough, a child had – quite literally – stepped in it before getting in the car. Blech.

    • Ugh – driving with a stench, knowing the stench is coming from inside the car, worrying that the cause of the stench is going to require cleanup — yeah, ugh.

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