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Where I let the random fly

by John on February 7th, 2013
  • I ate like crap over the weekend. Between friends coming over, and the Super Bowl, and it being February1, I splurged. A lot. So, I’m declaring the scale my mortal enemy.
  • I can’t believe there used to be a time that I was really worried about CJ’s speech. While CJ started walking very early, he really didn’t speak at all. Now, I come home from work and he tells me all about his day – heck, he is even particular about tenses, making sure that I know the difference between the things he wants to do and the things he already did.
  • I know I keep saying it, but I really want to start work on my left-arm sleeve tattoo shortly. I’ve written songs for each of my children, so it will be the sheet music of each song, ribboning around my arm. My bicep will have CJ’s song interspersed with a Phoenix. My forearm will have Leila’s song wrapped around a Thunderbird.
  • The other day, at the gym, I ran into someone with a swastika tattoo over his chest, and a white-supremacist remark, in German, across his back. I had a very, very hard time not judging him. He also sported several other Nordic rune tattoos . . . I’ve always had a fascination with Nordic runes, and have actually thought about a personalized Ægishjálmur (going so far as to work with a runic expert to design one) but I’m having a hard time disassociating them now.
  • I’m ready for a change in weather so that I can start running more.
  • My new go-to activity at the gym has been the rowing machine – but damn, does that lead for some sore butt muscles the next day.
  • I really thought I might be able to keep up the “reduced coffee intake” thing up throughout 2013. I was wrong.
  • I miss going to Kung Fu regularly.
  • I’m re-watching the episodes of Breaking Bad, in order . . . damn, that’s a good show.
  • I have an extraordinarily fun gig set up for Saturday . . . only I’m rehearsing all day long. I may be a bit crazy Saturday night.
  • I’m stuck as to my next audiobook — I just finished Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry just released a new novel . . . but going from a humorous & snarky novel based (and about) South Florida to a humorous & snarky novel based (and about) South Florida might just be a little too Floridarific for me.
  • I should write about the time that I bought Dave Barry a beer.
  • I originally wrote “bear” in that previous sentence.
1 Seriously, how the fuck is it February already? Wasn’t New Years just last week?
  1. I LOVE your sleeve idea. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

    I find Runes fascinating and wonderful, but I totally get the negative association now. That blows. If you need to see something pretty, I suggest you take a look at my Iceland photos, where, due to isolation, the language is still damn close to Old Norse and the runic alphabet.

    • Oh, it’s not a question of if I’ll get the sleeve, but when. The whole “needing to pay” and “having the time to sit for a tattoo” are what’s plaguing me right now. But I do believe I’ll be able to start over the summer.

      And all of your photos are pretty — I especially like the Iceland ones, just because of your awesome avatar.

  2. When I go to the gym, there’s a dude who always seems to be gesturing and cursing at me. And though I see him all the time, it takes me a minute to realize he’s silently rapping, albeit rather flamboyantly. Inbetween reps he’ll jump on a bench and gesture at his himself, humping something imaginary and giving angry eyes silent words at anyone in his line of sight.

    I have a hard time not judging him, too, though your’s is (probably?) more justified.

    • I really wonder what people think of me at the gym . . . I know there is a crowd that actually tries to overlap when I’m there, just because “it’s fun to watch the big guy go and not stop.”

      But, as I’m either listening to classical music or audiobooks, I really don’t pay attention to anything going on around me . . . and that’s probably not a good thing.

  3. I, for one, want to hear the story of how you bought Dave Barry a bear.

    Just saying.

  4. Love the tattoo plans! My husband and I have tattoos for our kids too – though nothing quite so epic. Looking forward to the new one for the new kid.

    • Oooh, I want to know the tattoo stories!

      • Well, since you asked… 😀 My hubby and I have the same tattoos, but in different places. We each have a tree from our first wedding anniversary; our first son is a sea turtle because he took forever to arrive (11 days late, 2 days of labour) but thrived swimmingly once he was here. We were already thinking of a salmon for our second son, because he was “against the current” (breech) in the womb; then he was stillborn and the symbolism was even more appropriate (strength in times of trial, dying in the same place you are born, etc.). Our daughter will be a gecko – symbol of new beginnings (it’s also a protective pregnancy totem so I wore one around my neck when she was in utero). Sean has all his on his forearms, so he’d like to find something to weave them together into a sleeve-ish thing. I’m considering some kind of ivy on my wrist with leaves for the whole family… I think we fit the bill for tattoo-addicted.

  5. I really think you should buy Dave Barry a bear. I’m sure he’s had crazier things happen.

    • Oh, I’m absolutely certain he’s had crazier things than offers to buy a bear.

  6. Nordic runes makes me think about Sarah Marshall’s rant about her boyfriends contradictory tattoos.

  7. I’m clearly a crap friend and story listener, as all I got out of that was – you speak German?!

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