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Where updates come in the form of bullet points

by John on April 30th, 2013
  • I remember, in the 8th grade, my English teacher mentioning that she always found it funny when kids said that they were “too busy” to do their homework. It wasn’t that kids didn’t get busy, she contended, but that truly busy people figured out how to get everything done. I’m finding that I’m spending a fair amount of time thinking about those words when I think upon this coming weekend:
    • Friday:
      • 6pm: choir rehearsal
      • 7:30pm: Greek Orthodox Good Friday services begin
      • 10:30pm: Greek Orthodox Good Friday services end
      • 11:15pm: Home and to sleep
    • Saturday:
      • 5am: Wake & consider running / cycling / swimming
      • 8am: Get out of bed
      • 9am: Symphony dress rehearsal
      • 11:15am: Symphony family concert (it’s free if you’re around and can make your way to Carlisle, PA!)
      • 12pm: Lunch with my mom & family
      • 2pm: Yard work (weather permitting)
      • 4:30pm: Leave for gig with Landslide
      • 5:30pm: Set up stage
      • 6:30pm: Sound check
      • 7:15pm: Play gig
    • Sunday:
      • 12am: Finish gig, leave band-members to clean up
      • 12:45am: Get to church, play mass
      • 3:00am: Mass completes
      • 3:45am: Home and to sleep
      • 5:00am: Ignore kids/dogs/pigs/chicken/things around me and try to sleep
      • noon: get out of bed and shower, put on tux
      • 2pm: Get to concert, in tux, for symphony concert
      • 3pm: Play symphony concert
      • 4:30pm: Symphony concert done, pack up Lenore and head to family
      • 5:00pm: Wolf down meat in the Greek celebration of Easter. Get a lot of ribbing for not being there at the height of the festivities
      • 6:30pm: Home and to sleep.
    • Monday:
      • 4am: Awake and start making my way to work….
  • And to think, I thought weekends were those times that I’d get to spend time with my kids.
  • CJ started martial arts lessons last night. At the recreation center, there is an instructor (bless her) who is has a class open for 3-5 year olds. CJ was among the youngest of the group. He enjoyed his “ninja lessons,” but damn, the boy does not stand still. Or pay attention to much of anything. Hopefully, that will change in his time in this class.
  • However, watching CJ in martial arts made me a bit nostalgic for my time with Kung Fu, which I miss. The other day, my kids discovered my heavy bag — watching Leila punch the bag with every ounce of herself, while wearing a tutu, might be one of my all-time favorite moments.
  • I slept funny from Sunday into Monday and it still hurts to turn my head to the left. This “growing old” thing sucks.
  • I’ve been blending my morning coffee with two tablespoons of grass-fed butter and a tablespoon of flax oil . . . the theory being that eating a lot of “healthy fats” in the morning will help pang hunger cravings throughout the day. So far, I have to admit, it’s been working.
  • I have not been able to spend any time working on my musical, but I can share this, which is a compilation of two songs, one that I’ve written for each of my children . . . the sheet music for these will be featured on my left-arm-sleeve tattoo, whenever I get around to actually getting said tattoo.
  1. That is one insanely busy weekend. I’m rather impressed.

    • I get more tired when I think about it . . . I have absolutely no idea how I’m actually going to get through it.

  2. Dang, you are busy!

    How does the butter and flax seed oil taste?

    • I think the taste works . . . it’s creamier than cream — basically, it tastes like a buttery latte after it’s all blended, with the consistency of the Starbucks eggnog latte.

  3. I won’t lie, while I get the healthy fats science? Butter and oil in my coffee sounds icky.

    I think I’ll stick to the overly sugared chemicals in my coffee and the avocados in my smoothies.

    • I read some of the science about doing the butter & oil in my coffee, then I went out & bought the butter & oil . . . and then a few weeks went by before I actually tried it, after I convinced myself that butter & cream are very similar to one another.

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