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Where I dust off the blogging cobwebs with bullet points

by John on October 29th, 2013
  • At one time, I thought I was busy — then I became a parent. However, over the busiest weekend I ever remember having, I barely saw my own kids. Friday, I worked & played a show. Saturday, I woke, ran a Zombie 5k, played an alumni concert with my college jazz band, played a show, went to a birthday party. Sunday, I woke, ran a half marathon (and set a personal record!), went to a board meeting with my symphony, finally saw the kids, bathed the kids, fell asleep.
  • My daughter is three, so “just crying” is a common thing, especially when she’s tired. However, the best way to get her to stop crying when she’s in a “just because” moment? Give her the television remote.
  • Just after the Super Bowl, I got rid of cable — I was barely keeping up with stuff we had DVR’d, and everything I watched was on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon. So, we took the monthly cable bill and subscribed to those three services — I did not think through the greatest time of the sports year, however, which is right now — the baseball postseason, the height of the football season, and the dawn of the basketball season. I need an over-the-air antenna.
  • I am tempted, quite often, to ditch work & head to the movies (paying a single admission and then trying to sneak my way through showings of every movie that I want to catch that happens to be playing). The main reason I don’t do this now is because I can’t talk myself into justifying that much time away from work/gym/kids.
  • I have been making an honest attempt to log every bite of food & every drop of drink that I’ve consumed for this entire year. As such, I weigh 45 pounds less than I did at the beginning of the year, and I feel better about myself. But I am still tired — I’m always tired.
  • I think I’ve actually made NEGATIVE progress on my musical during this year.
  • I worry that my son may be growing painfully addicted to the X-Box, but it’s just so easy to use the X-Box as a reward for getting himself dressed, and then as a substitute parent as I go about getting Leila dressed and starting the day.
  • On that same token, I really hope that CJ never figures out that there is a full-version of all of the games that I have loaded demos of, provided we just pay for them.
  • I will fall well short of my goals of 1000 miles run and 2500 miles biked — I, simply, have been spending more time lifting weights where I used to run/cycle. Because of the new focus, however, I’m not going to be disappointed in the failure.
  • I still want to get myself swimming more.
  • I need to vlog myself making my morning coffee, but I’ve been making myself a blended coffee drink containing french-pressed coffee, protein powder, honey, ghee, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, maca root — it’s a very strange mixture, but it’s tasty & works as a good breakfast replacement.
  • Few pants makers make 30×36 pants — which is my size now. I believe this is just more reason for me not to wear pants, ever.
  1. Hey you! Hey bullet points! Good to see you and to hear that (exhaustion aside) things are well. Keep on kicking ass. And miss you!

    • Miss you, too . . . I’m trying to work out plans to get back around these parts more often, which means that I’ll be visiting your parts more often . . . and this somehow sounds like a blogging porno script, so I’ll call it a comment at that.

  2. I can’t believe your daughter is 3. she was just born when I “met” you…that’s weird, isn’t it?

    • Quite weird, but cool — it’s funny, because I can’t comprehend her as being “little” anymore, but all of the people that I’ve “met” online? Much the same (though many are missing)

  3. I’ve been on a blog break, but when I come back, I always come here.
    I love to see the bullet points.

    It feels like home.


    • There is no greater smile that I get on my face than when I’ve seen that you’ve posted a comment. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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