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Where a tired mind makes for a disjointed post

by John on March 18th, 2014
  • This is tech-week for Bat Boy: the Musical. I’m playing bass, but, with the way the theatre is laid out, I actually can’t see what’s going on, on-stage, at all. So I really don’t know what the heck is going on, I just see randomness with people backstage. In no particular order, this show involves: a very pretty girl wearing her underwear, a skinny guy with bat ears and fangs, the entire cast dressed as plushies, some shirtless dude with horns carrying a staff, gunshots.
  • CJ has expressed increased desire for “Ninja Lessons,” which is the term we use when talking about martial arts. So I think I’m going to figure out how to get him signed up . . . next week. This week, I have rehearsals every night.
  • My workouts have changed rather significantly. After a few, consecutive days of being unable to spend some quality time with the squat rack or a bench-press, I decided to think about what body weight exercises I might be able to do to replicate the exercises that I was hoping to. I came up with pistol-squats (stand on one leg with the other straight-out, lower yourself fully, and then stand back up without allowing the straight-out leg to touch the ground), dips (place yourself on parallel bars, lower your body so that your upper-arm is parallel with the ground, lift yourself back up), pull-ups (grab onto an overhead bar with your palms facing away from you, lift your chin above the bar). I was not able to do most of these, so I’ve adopted a bodyweight training program, just so that I can get the exercises I want without having to worry much about equipment. I still have my original goals: squat 315 pounds, bench press 225, overhead press 135, deadlift 405 — but the exercises I’m doing now should help me, even if I’m not actually doing those specific exercises. If nothing else, I’m sweating more from “weight lifting” than I ever have. And I’m doing headstands.
  • I haven’t “gone paleo” but I’m giving a LOT more thought to what I eat and what it’s for . . . mainly, I’m trying to ensure that every calorie counts . . . which means that I’ve just about cut sweets and chips out of my diet entirely . . . but I’ll eat guacamole by the spoonful.
  • I miss chips and candy. Though I’m not complaining about the way my body is responding to the lack of either.
  • My daydreams, increasingly, take me to the beach. I long to feel an ocean breeze cooling my body from a hot day.
  • Also, I want to hike. I think, once I can find a free weekend (not always so easy in my world), I’m going to take the family camping. Unplugging is good, every now & then.
  • That said, I fear CJ is associating the word “camp” with “Camp Halfblood,” because he talks, often, about wanting to go camping, and he’s listening to the Percy Jackson audiobooks. Something tells me that he’ll be disappointed to not find a minotaur while camping.
  • I’m giving serious thought to taking a week’s worth of vacation and sitting down to write songs. I wish lyrics were easy.
  • I’m stressing a bit about my schedule, especially when I start thinking about what the kids might need to do — the next several weekends:
    • Musical
    • Musical
    • Lord of the Rings Day, where I’ll play all three movies while serving foodstuff based on the books.
    • A marathon that I have completely under-trained for
    • A half-marathon that I’d say that I had completely under-trained for, but if I’m running a full-marathon the week before, so I can hardly claim the same here, because I’ll be perfectly trained for this race by then.
    • Another musical.
    • Symphony concert.
    • Mothers’ Day.
    • Then we’re sometime into late-May.
  • I really, really like getting myself breakfast for dinner.
  • I’m unreasonably proud of myself for making corned beef & cabbage over the weekend & preparing single-serve portions for lunch throughout the week this week. Next week, I’ll be doing the same with curried chicken & lentils.
  • I’m very sleepy.
  1. Did I mention that CJ insisted that you told him I would take him to ninja lessons today? He was rather adamant.

    • I was actually afraid that would happen – he had a hard time differentiating between “tomorrow” and “next week”

      But I’m calling to see if we can get him in on Tuesday night.

  2. monica permalink

    When, exactly do you sleep?

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