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Where I let the random fly on the Friday before a long weekend

by John on May 23rd, 2014
  • A few days ago, a trickle of water hit my head at my desk . . . I inquired about who to go to, because, well, it wasn’t raining, and I don’t work on the top floor of my building, and, you know, water dripping onto your head is not within the realm of “expected” at the workplace (unless you work in a shower). It turns out that it was the drain from the kitchen sink directly above my desk . . . they did “something to fix it” and that was the end of the story.
  • Until Yesterday. I was tweeting working hard when gush, water started cascading down onto my head/desk/phone/computer/everything. Whatever they did to “fix the problem” apparently made it far worse. I got drenched – but, a rice treatment for the phone & quick action (and ample time to dry) left all of the electronics functioning. Yesterday, I worked from home for the afternoon — I’m back today, but I’m wary.
  • With the Heartbleed Hack, I went a bit security crazy, enabling two-step authentication for most any site that allows me to (dear my bank, Amazon, and eBay, it would be appreciated if you could do this as well, though I’m not quite as worried about eBay because I always pay with Pay Pal, and that has the second step activated). I was feeling all self-righteous about this . . . until yesterday, watching dishwater pour onto my phone (again, the phone is fine). My way into my email, my Facebook, my twitter account, heck even this blog . . . they all require my phone. I’m pretty sure I need to go back to the drawing board for security concerns (at least Pay Pal, Twitter, and Linked In send a text, so I just need access to the texts sent to my mobile number, which, if I replace my phone, should be easy enough to get to).
  • I’ve started the PLP Challenge, with the goal of finishing the challenge the day I head to the beach (because vanity, they name is John). What is the PLP Challenge? It’s 60 days of Pull-Ups, Lunges, and Push-Ups — 10 on the first day, and you add one each day until, on day 60, you’re doing 70 Pull-Ups, 70 Lunges (on each leg), and 70 Push-Ups. But, because Lunges & Push-Ups are relatively easy for me (and pull-ups are, decidedly, not easy for me), I’m making this a PDP Challenge: Pull-Ups, (parallel bar) Dips, Pistol Squats (one-legged squats, full range of motion, arms held out in front of you — I’m doing mine with a 25 pound counterweight to make them a little bit easier in large batches). I shall be posting before/after pictures here when I’m off to the beach.
  • The sprouts just broke ground in my garden, though I have not gotten any better at remembering to take pictures — everything, aside from the blackberries, appears to be somewhere between “doing ok” and “thriving.” Heck, because I started with lettuce seedlings, I was able to harvest enough lettuce, the other day, for a lunch salad.
  • I’m really attacking my yard this year – I’m determined to enjoy it. This means that areas that I’ve, essentially, allowed the weeds to win, in years past, I’m declaring war on. I cleared the largest of these beds last weekend . . . when I took the kids with me to Lowe’s that day, I let CJ talk me into getting a fire pit. Burning and roasting marshmallows over the brush/weeds/roots of the stuff that you spent days in the hot sun fighting, while drinking wine? Incredibly rewarding.
  • My kids have completed their first year of preschool. This makes me unbelievably happy and feel unbelievably old (and yes, I know that will only get worse through the years).
  • Pouring the hot water into my French Press the other day, the glass cracked. It felt like an old friend just up & died. I should have my replacement one delivered today, but it just reminds me that I need to vlog my making coffee for y’all — I do believe you’d get a kick out of it.
  • Fridays, in my office, are “bagel fridays.” While I’m trying to reduce the number of refined flours that I consume, and, as such, can often avoid a bagel on Friday morning here, the demise of my coffee making mechanism meant that I had to improvise with a smallish amount of coffee this morning, and I was hungry when I got to the office. Normally, though, the bagels are delivered from a local bagel shop, and are phenomenally good. Today, someone picked up a bunch of grocery store items . . . if I’m going to leave the diet behind, I’m going to make it worth it, dammit. So I ate one of the leftover chicken wings that I brought for lunch for breakfast.
  1. Now I want a bagel. And you to come and help with my yard work.

    • You know, it’s getting to the point where I’m actually kind-of enjoying yard work, just a little . . . maybe it’s because of some of the weirdness going on with my job right now, but I can see the actual progress and have a picture, in my mind, of what an end-state might be. So I’d love to help you with your yard work . . . darn schedules for getting in the way.

      Also? I want a bagel, too. Badly.

  2. I want to see the coffee making process. After you told me about yours the last time I was in awe of how much effort you put into it.

    Also the water thing sounds gross.

    Congrats on the kiddos! Is there a second year like PK4?

    I went on the two step verification. I changed so many passwords I have to write them down because now I can’t even remember since they’re all different. That’s real secure, isn’t it?

    I say bagel Friday is a good thing. Eat all the carbs.

    • I’m working from home for the next few days — I’ll have a coffee making vlog 🙂

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