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Where I vlog about getting into running

by John on November 5th, 2014

  1. Run-blogging is in the air! You’re this charming in real life, this I know, but it’s nice to hear your voice again 🙂 I’m definitely at the weird point where other people’s running stories are SUPER motivating. Yay!

    • I get being motivated by other people’s stories . . . though I’m going to be wrapping up the running over the next few weeks (two 5k races scheduled for late November, then I’m clear until a half-marathon in April, which will be cold).

  2. Don’t make me start cycling for cross training. Don’t you make me do it.

    • I’d argue that cycling is best only for fun . . . it happens to be an effective cross-training exercise for running, but, if you don’t want to cycle, don’t. Well, maybe you should, but I’m certainly not going to argue for you to start. Cycling, for me, at this point, is all about getting out on the road for a good time . . . like driving, aimlessly, but with more sweat & much, much slower.

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