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Where my #symphonynight selfies take on a life of their own

by John on November 17th, 2014

  1. Impressive!!

  2. Ok so I tried to comment on this like 8 weeks ago, only to say how awesome it was to consistently do a selfie so that you COULD do something like this. Perhaps I need to do a “always late to work” selfie.

    And also. While we’re on the topic, you need to update your profile pic in your comment selfie. Apparently you had hair back then…

    • I did have hair once! I had the same style of hair from the time I had my first haircut until I was 30-some years old (save for a very brief respite where I had a crew cut in 4th grade).

      To be honest, though, I’m not 100% sure how to change that pic — I shall investigate 🙂

      • Perhaps you use Gravatar? Or it’s set through WordPress? Or Blogger?

      • Hovering tells me it is Gravatar. Change it there and it’ll change it for any number of places you use that login. That’s how I try to keep mine consistent. Mostly.

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