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Where I’m a bit random on a Friday

by John on September 18th, 2015

Work has been especially odd lately . . . I’m blaming myself for most of the bad stuff — basically, someone will come to me & ask “how long would it take to build a web app which can do this or that,” and I’ll give an answer. My problem is that, while I always put thought into said estimate, the estimate assumes that I’m doing the development, myself (and I know my strengths & weaknesses QUITE well), and that I’m working on ONLY that task. What I don’t think is that the person, to whom I gave the estimate, will expect me or my team to actually start work on it . . . and, whoever happens to be asking for the estimate assumes that my development hours are interchangeable with any given development resource, and that I, and my team, are just sitting around, waiting for an assignment.

Because I’ve been so . . . boggled, lately, here is a pile of random…

  • I just read Mandy’s missive about women being invisible after a certain age and I was reminded of how my kids are tattle-tales. While I’ve never trusted myself to sneak alcohol into a movie theatre (something I’ve thought about, often, but just haven’t managed to actually pull-off), the last time I took my kids to a movie, I was alone with the kids (don’t remember where Duffy was, but it was just me & the kids. We stopped by the grocery store to pay $1/box of candy, rather than the same stuff for $5/box at the theatre.

    Anyway, I was buying the tickets, and Leila started demanding to hold her candy, which was in a pocket of my cargo shorts1, the whole time, the cashier “pretending” not to hear the whines from my daughter about the mild-mannered father-of-two being all rebel-ish by sneaking in snacks & stuff to a movie.

  • We just got a new kitten — her name is Luna Ginny. She & Benji seem to get along fabulously. Also? She’s INCREDIBLY patient with the kids — Leila has been dragging her all about the house, holding her close, singing to her, basically doing all of the stereotypically-cute things that you’d anticipate a five year old girl doing with a kitten . . . and the kitten puts up with it, all. I hope that lasts.
  • I have a pressing need to write about Snickelfritz. But haven’t been able to get myself emotionally-ready to do so.
  • CJ has lost a front tooth. He’s in kindergarten. And I swear, every morning2, he feels, at least, a pound heavier than he was the previous day. This is bullshit that needs to stop.
  • I ran a 5k last Friday and a half marathon last Saturday. The weather was beautiful & the supporting cast who put the run together were fabulous. I met Christopher McDougall, who wrote Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greates Race the World Has Never Seen, which may be the single greatest influencer in why I’m as addicted to exhausting myself as I am. I haven’t been running much lately — but, these runs proved to me that I’m successfully keeping myself in shape, and I’m able to pull a half-marathon out of my ass, if I should happen to need to do so.
  • My “to listen to” list of Audiobooks is growing faster than I can listen. This ain’t a half bad problem to have, though.
  • I’m 10 days away from hitting 1000 consecutive days of tracking every bite of food & every sip of drink that I’ve put into my body on My Fitness Pal.
  • I really, really want a kayak.

1 This listicle is bullshit. Cargo shorts allow dads to be dads.
2 Call me an enabler or what-have-you, but I throw clothes on the kids every morning, rather than try to wake them and make them get dressed, themselves — simply, in the mornings, “doing it myself” means less frustration, and therefore, a far saner pre-coffee dad. However, because of this, it’s far from uncommon for me to have to carry one, or both children, while still asleep, from the bed to the car.
  1. Cate permalink

    My husband’s getting ready to run his first hat trick (5k and 10k on the Saturday, half-marathon on Sunday) and I believe it’s near you. It’s the Runner’s World event mid-October in Bethlehem. If you’re randomly running 13 miles, I’d say you’re doing just fine.

    • That’s absolutely near me!

      I’ve yet to do a hat-trick . . . I’ve done 5k/half and 5k/full on consecutive days, though.

  2. We are pretty sure that Baguette is in the process of losing her 3rd tooth. She tries to deny it, though.

    Who DOESN’T want a kayak?

    • I just kind-of freaked out looking in CJ’s mouth, because I thought something was wrong with some of his teeth . . . the bottom two, the first two to fall out — the adult teeth are fully grown in. And I wasn’t ready to see “big teeth” there.

      • We were so freaked out by the first one, we freaked out Baguette. We’ve talked to her about how it’s normal, and supposed to happen, but I know that’s why she denies it.

  3. Congratulations on the new kitten. Pets are such a joy – – to us, they are absolutely members of the family. And the name? Perfection.

    Welcome, Luna Ginny.
    You’ve got a great bunch of people to take care of now.

    • She’s been a handful, but a great cat — I’m honestly surprised by how well she & the dog are getting along with one another.

  4. I loved Born to Run! I’m considering a half in January, so I’ll need to start training at the start of November, and that’s with NO leeway in the calendar. Considering I quit training for the last half because I was too busy, and considering I’m even busier now, I just don’t see how this is going to work out.

    • Have you read McDougall’s latest? That’s coming up on my short-list of books to read.

      I’m doing really, really well with the “less running” plan — though I’m, obviously, not doing myself any favors in getting myself ready for a full-marathon (early November, though I haven’t signed up for it yet, so it’s not a biggie if I don’t do it)

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