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Where sanity and vanity conflict

by John on June 16th, 2017

I’m having a phenomenally bad day at work today — I had to make a call to kill a project which not only means work made toward the project may have all been wasted, but it also means that, moving forward, I likely have a *lot* more work.

It’s a bad enough day that I’m overlooking any forward progress made on other projects (and there actually has been some good stuff today). When I’m having a day like this, I like to remind myself that, well, I *am* Daddy Runs a Lot. I run. When I run I feel better.

But then the voices creep up…

  • You have a 1:00 meeting. You don’t have time for a run.
  • 40 minute run, 5 minute shower, I’m back in *plenty* of time.
  • But the nice lady at the Indian Buffet hasn’t seen you in forever. She probably misses you.
  • The Indian buffet on a Friday can be so busy that I’d have the same time issues if I ran.
  • But the Indian buffet is yummy. Running tastes like salt and road dirt.
  • But The La’s birthday party is tonight — I’ll be wearing a swim suit. The yummy Indian buffet will leave my body with obvious evidence that I visited said buffet.
  • But it might rain.
  • But it might not.
  • But it might rain during your run. You hate it when you run in the rain.
  • Eh, so I get wet – I’ve run in worse than a little rain.
  • You’re still writing a blog post when you could be getting ready to run and, therefore, ensure you’re back with plenty of time for the meeting.
  • But I miss writing.
  • So you should stay writing because you enjoy writing!
  • But I enjoy Audiobooks, too, and I’m in the middle of a good one.
  • You’re still thinking about the Indian Buffet, aren’t you?
  • Mmmmmmm, saag paneer by the gallon. But no – swim suit!
  • I need to get ready to sweat don’t I?
  • Yeah, you do.
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  1. Yay for you! Hope it was a good run. (Sometimes I get into blog-reading mode and pop into comment 3-4 weeks late.)

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