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Where I write about words and caffeine and dinner and stripper films masked as horror flicks

by John on February 3rd, 2012
  • I’m fully aware that there are people who wake up and don’t feel the need to expel half of their body weight through their sinuses. I envy those people.
  • I’ve actually been running pretty regularly . . . something “clicked” in my head and I realized that I was making excuses to stay inside to watch TV while spinning. While a workout is better than no workout, nothing gets me going as much as a morning run.
  • This morning, however, I really really wanted to watch the end of Night of the Living Dorks, because, well, wouldn’t you? It’s the movie of three dorky boys who get involved with a bunch of goth kids who don’t know what they’re going . . . anyway, the boys turn into zombies and hijinks happen. It was a delightfully horrible movie. After that movie, though, Netflix recommended “Demon Seduction,” and since I still had half an hour to spin, I figured what the heck. The movie appears to be the story of how an extinct demon race is brought back to life through genetic experimentation, as told through the lost storytelling art of the strip tease. It’s not that I mind a “movie” that is just an excuse to get girls to take off their clothes on camera – it’s just that, well, I actually like my b-horror-films where there is pretend acting.
  • A few weeks ago, it was announced that I was getting a promotion at work — I currently manage three developers based in Manila. I’m going to inherit 5 developers in Bangalore. I’m still not sure how I feel about this.
  • I still don’t have any set Super Bowl plans, but I can tell you that there will be beer involved.
  • After weeks of meaning to pull out the crock pot on Friday mornings, I actually did it this morning. I started corn chowder before I left for work so that we’ll have a hot dinner when we’re all home this evening. This is far cheaper and far healthier than the typical “Friday night pizza.”
  • This morning, however, I had to make bacon for the soup . . . and do you know how fucking hard it is to make bacon and not eat it, early in the morning?
  • I can’t say the phrase “early in the morning” without singing “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”
  • I keep thinking that I need to do something to cut caffeine out of my life . . . I’m hopelessly dependant on the stuff. But, I don’t think I can work around the headaches & lethargy for a few days, so I just kind of deal with it.
  • Last night, the lead guitarist of my band canceled practice because he threw out his back. Part of me really, really fears that he just didn’t want to deal with his issues (they are numerous) so he made up an excuse. But, as someone who has thrown his back out with an ill-timed sneeze, I feel for him if he’s in pain.
  • The rhythm guitarist heads in for his surgery tomorrow . . . I’ll be posting updates as soon as I have them.
  • We, as a society, need to use “git” as an insult more often.
  • Also? Loquacious is a wholly underutilized word
  • Don’t get me started on my diatribe against the modern usage of “enormity.”
  • I dream of sleep, which tells me that I need to make some serious life changes. Or, just teach my body how to sleep better. Stopping obsessing about words and cutting out caffeine might be a good start…
  1. I now have ‘drunken sailor’ stuck in my head.

    And you clearly possess impressive self control if you passed up bacon this morning!

    • What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor, ear-lye in the mornin’?

      I ended up having an early morning meeting scheduled, so I stopped for a breakfast sandwich – bacon, egg, and swiss . . . so I didn’t, exactly, fully avoid the bacon.

  2. As an English teacher, I am all for incorporating “git” and “loquacious” into our everyday vocabulary. And I feel ya on the caffeine. 🙁

    • If it weren’t for the withdrawal, I’m convinced I could get beyond caffeine – but dealing with the headaches on top of dealing with living without the instant pick-me-up is beyond my abilities right now.

  3. The lost storytelling art of the strip tease is clearly a brilliant plot device. Also, I now really want to try and find out if I can tell a story through taking off my close. I feel as though I’ve been challenged.

  4. So much to love here, as per usual, but this: “I can’t say the phrase “early in the morning” without singing “What do you do with a drunken sailor?””


    I’m such a dork.

    • The problem is that . . . what, I wrote that post days ago, and I still have “What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?” stuck in my head.

  5. FYI We now have Super Bowl plans. Currently on the table are subs. I am waiting for the next round of negiotations.

  6. There was a time in my life when Super Bowl parties were the social event of my entire year. I obsessed over dips, beer, squares games, big and bigger screens, and how I was getting home the next morning.


    I’m hoping the game gets over at a decent time so my wife and I can watch Christina Aquilera (the voice tv show) without falling asleep.

    loquacious should be in the slang my teen daughter uses….it’s not

    • Yes, the Super Bowl parties used to be the social event of the year for me.

      And, it figures that the year that I didn’t even think about squares games, but signed up for one because they needed some spots filled, I’d win.

      I fell asleep to The Voice. I’m quite disappointed with myself.

  7. I do not think we’re doing anything for the super bowl. We’re really exciting like that. Oh, and it’s busy season. Hence – live in a cave (mostly) until April. See you then! 😉

  8. The doctor ordered caffeine out of my life at one point and I went 6 mos. It was rough. Then once he said one cup a day I found myself getting hooked and sneaking more. 😉 Caffeine is the drug people don’t often think about being a drug.
    Have you ever watched Zombies Zombies Zombies? It’s on instant view on Netflix. It’s about a group of strippers that take on Zombies. Though I really think it’s just another excuse for men and lesbians to look at breast. 😉

    • I have not seen Zombies Zombies Zombies, but I have seen Zombie Strippers, which is right up that same genre.

  9. Does your guitarist read your blog, by any chance? 😉
    In our house, we gripe about the modern usage of the word “game-changer”.

    • No – the guitarist doesn’t have a computer, and seldom gets to a library to look at anything – but I’m not posting anything here that we haven’t discussed on the phone.

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