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Where I bring the random on a Friday

by John on October 3rd, 2014
  • The lead guitarist for my rock band up & quit on us . . . not knowing if we’ll continue blows.
  • I’ve been taking karate lessons with CJ, and we’re both really enjoying it. Next week, however, is testing week and his four-year-old self doesn’t have the form required for the next belt down yet. Both his instructor & I believe he’ll be better served waiting until the next belt test before testing for the first time, but I’m not sure how he’ll do when he sees several of his white-belt friends displaying yellow belts.
  • Taking karate has me feeling a bit like Kramer from Seinfeld, in that I’m taking beginner lessons and am with a bunch of kids. The concepts & moves? They’re quite easy for me . . . though I’m finding that I’m as limber as freshly cut timber. Seriously, I couldn’t do a split to save my life.
  • I need to fit more yoga into my life.
  • Leila continues tap & ballet dance, but I’ve yet to catch a practice of hers . . . to say that I’m eager to watch her recital is an understatement.
  • With Halloween around the corner, CJ has expressed interest in being Dr. Venkman . . . which means that I need to figure out either a Marshmallow Man or a Slimer costume for myself. The La is leaning toward Ariel, despite being a mermaid last year.
  • This weekend, if the weather is crappy, before I head out for days full of musical mayhem, I may be demolishing some furniture that was built into my basement and, therefore, cannot easily be removed. Yay, sledgehammers and axes!
  • If I clean up my basement as I want it (though I still have plans to install a wet bar at some point . . . that’s a ways off), I am giving serious though to getting RockSmith for the XBox 360 that resides downstairs . . . as it stands, right now, I can fake my way as a guitarist (I’m a serviceable bassist & keyboardist), but I’d really like to get to the point where I don’t have to think about how to form a chord, and then place my fingers just right, and then go . . . and I just don’t have the patience to actually sit down to do it — but a video game might be able to fix that. We’ll see. In either case, a less cluttered basement may mean that I make more use of my mancave.
  • There may be changes coming to my job situation, in the near future . . . changes that I’m excited about but, at the same time, scare me.
  • That said, the draw to say “fuck it” with the computer stuff & dive in, making myself a personal trainer is growing. Of course, to do that, I’d need paying clients, and I’m a bit shy on those, but I am actually talking myself into the fact that I might be able to make things work — maybe as a side business?
  • But then I’m about to enter a truly busy period of my life — I’m not looking forward to the schedule I’m looking at for the forseeable future:
    • 5:00am: Walk the dog1 
    • 5:30am: Bodyweight strength training circuit
    • 6:00am: Dress the kids while attempting to let them sleep.
    • 6:30am: Make coffee, shower, dress
    • 7:00am: Out the door for work
    • noon: Workout
    • 4:00pm: Leave work, scavenge something to eat
    • 6:30pm: Rehearsal
    • 11:00pm: bed
  • BenjieOh yeah, there’s a new dog at casa de Batzer. Benjie is a mutt — some shar pei . . . and a bunch of other stuff. He’s super sweet. But very active. Very active. And loves his morning walk . . . so much so, that, whenever he determines that it’s just about time to go, he’s in my face. Normally, this is right around 5am, as my alarm goes off. Sometimes? It’s just after midnight.
  • “Clean eating,” however one might define it, is great. But leaves one wanting to smack their coworkers for eating Doritos (that said, I don’t miss bread nearly as much as I thought I might).

1 I may have two dogs, but one of them steadfastly refuses to get out of bed to walk. He’s kind of my hero.
  1. I think it’s awesome how you’re looking forward to your daughter’s dance recitals. In my head I guess I always figured parents dreaded that sort of thing. Do you ever dress up with or do joint things with her like you do with your son?

    • I’ll admit that the performer in me really wants to see my kids grow a love of performance . . . so, I’m eager to see whatever avenues that may take form. It’s totally “The Music Man” syndrome — the performance will be terrible, I know this . . . but my kid? My kid will be phenomenal.

      As far as dress up with The La — yeah, I do. A few years ago, I was a knight to her princess. This year, she’s really leaning toward being a mermaid, once again, and it’s just not as easy to pair a costume to a mermaid as it is to a Ghostbuster.

  2. Musician, dad, personal trainer, computer guy…you need more titles.

    I gave up bread a couple of years ago for several weeks. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I really don’t eat it that much now, save when I visit my very favorite sub shop. But walking through the bakery at the store was HARD.

    People who get up at 5am scare me.

    • More titles: sex god, devilishly handsome, braggart extreme.

      Waking up early, I’m always amazed how how much I can get done, relatively early in the day . . . but then days like today happen, where I woke up early and everything seemed to take 10 times as long to accomplish as it normally did, making me think that I could have slept in until 6 or 6:30 and still gotten everything done that I needed to get done. The problem, now is that my body just kind of wakes up just before 5, so, even if the alarm doesn’t go off, I’m up.

  3. You sound like an awesome dad. I will be interested to hear how the little man does at the karate test. I hope it goes well!

    • Why thank you — I try to put my kids first 🙂

      I’m confident that, when he’s ready to test, in December, he’ll do quite well.

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