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Where I catch my breath from a busy weekend with a large bucket of random

by John on October 20th, 2014

This weekend, I:

  • Hosted out-of-town-guests
  • Wrapped up the run of Jesus Christ, Superstar at the Carlisle Theatre Company, which included shows on Friday & Saturday nights before a Sunday matinee
  • Went to Hershey Park with the family & bunches of other friends
  • Ran a half marathon (more about this in the next day or two)
  • Introduced the game Munchkin to a group of tween/teen boys

I’m tired – I think I’m just coherent enough to write so that everything makes sense, but not quite with-it enough to actually care about anything making sense.

  • I’m tempted to eat lunches of roasted beets & asparagus, and only roasted beets & asparagus, every day. The reason? If I were to end up in a bad accident and I ended up unconscious in a hospital bed, the head-scratching that severely discolored, foul-smelling urine collected from a catheter would be amusing. Except that, well, that might lead to tests that are completely unnecessary.
  • I commonly think truly morbid thoughts like the previous entry. There may be something wrong with me.
  • Well, yeah, there’s PLENTY wrong with me. So I don’t even really know why I’m writing this.
  • I’m wickedly excited for Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know we have Halloween to get through, and Thanksgiving is just a lead-in to the over-blown Christmas-extravaganza-season, but I like the the concept of “lots of food, lots of family.”
  • The relatively mild summer combined with, seemingly, exceptionally low temperatures for early fall has me truly concerned about what this winter might bring, temperature & precipitation-wise.
  • For someone who really tries to “eat clean,” in spend an exorbitant amount of time fantasizing about all-you-can-eat buffets1.
  • Over the crazy weekend, I never had time to shave my head, meaning the hair on my head has moved from “prickly” to “soft & fuzzy”.
  • I have most of my Christmas shopping done.
  • Benjie, the new dog, does not understand why squirrels do not want to play with him.
  • Pip, the cat, has essentially become an outdoor cat since Benjie’s arrival.
  • I drink a lot of green tea while at work.
  • I’m kind of excited about the prospect of the Royals winning the world series.
  • I’ve been thinking about what I want for dinner as I’ve written this entire post.

  • 1 If you were to open a breakfast buffet, available at dinner time, with fresh fruit, vegetables, and an omelette station, within easy driving distance to Harrisburg, offering a quiet atmosphere, I’d be there every single Monday night.
  1. Mr. Sandwich and I may need to start eating roasted beets. Do they have to be roasted, or is that just the way you prefer them? Because I just ate a boring salad with shaved beets, and your post is giving it the potential to be much more interesting than it seems right now.

    • Roasted is the only way that I really like beets . . . it brings out the sweetness while minimizing the “dirt” flavor they naturally have.

  2. I would eat asparagus and beets every day just because they’re delicious.
    The collateral effect of strange hospital pee would just be a bonus.

    Also, I grew up in a family where we had competitions over who could finish the most plates at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I was undefeated. Naturally.

    Carry on.

    • That fact about the buffet surprises me . . . not that you had competitions, but that you always won. Because, I’m as skilled an eater as exists, and I have my off days. Once in awhile.

      That said, I once remember going to a buffet with my family & the waiter came up to ask if we wanted our check. He said “hold on, I need to write up nine checks because I think this boy went up nine times.”

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